The Path of Praise – Great Audio History of Thanksgiving

The Path of Praise (mp3 audio) - This is our favorite annual Thanksgiving program, one that will give your family a much deeper appreciation of our Thanksgiving holiday. “The Path of Praise” is a great “history” of the celebration of Thanksgiving, very poetic and stirring… In it you will hear a warm moment from the Pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving celebration… learn the reason behind General George Washington’s original Thanksgiving proclamation… and discover Abraham Lincoln’s reason for finally declaring Thanksgiving a national holiday. There’s also some wonderful music on this program too, which is probably our all-time favorite Thanksgiving-themed radio show. This program was first broadcast on “Cavalcade of America” on November 20, 1951. Enjoy!

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Next, we have a second Thanksgiving themed audio program for you, just for fun listening: Baby Snooks’ Thanksgiving. Daddy and Snooks both have stuffed themselves WAY too much at their Thanksgiving dinner, so when it is naptime, the craziest dream takes place! Loads of fun for all ages!

Baby Snooks’ Thanksgiving (MP3 audio)

We’re off Thanksgiving week, but will be back again Monday, Dec 1st… see you then, and have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday!

Homeschool for the Holidays!

Our Favorite Homeschool Ideas For The Holidays (PDF ebook)

There’s a very good reason we bring this little ebook back each year. Whether you’re ready for it or not, the holiday season is here! And while we can’t control the calendar, we CAN control what the holidays are going to be like in our own households. Now’s the time to plan how to make the next few weeks the best time of the year for your family.

We surveyed over 800 homeschool families and asked them to share their favorite holiday activities and ideas – what worked for them, and what did not. This is a compilation of the very best responses and ideas we received. In this little collection you’ll find dozens of great holiday learning activities plus tips and suggestions for balancing homeschool & family during the hectic holiday season. This is some of the very best “real life” advice on the subject you’ll find ANYWHERE at any price. Don’t miss it!

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“The Wise Woman” print set

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The classic fable The Wise Woman by George MacDonald enchants readers while it contrasts the ugliness of pride, selfishness and conceit with the beauty of humility, sacrifice, and compassion. Now you can surround your family with insightful quotes from its pages with this set of beautiful prints from

These printable PDF posters are normally $7.95, but are free TODAY ONLY exclusively from HomeschoolFreebieOfTheDay!


The Man Who Invented Ice

The King of Ice

In the 1700s, one man claimed to have “invented” ice! What was the story behind this outlandish claim, and why did he make a fortune with a cargo of plain ordinary ice? Listen to this fascinating old time radio program and find out — great “living history for the ears”! (15 minute audio)

Here is your download link: The King of Ice

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November’s Child – The Story of Louisa May Alcott

Today we bring you two great resources about the life of one of America’s most beloved writers, Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888).


As you’ll hear in this great radio program originally produced for in-school listening by the Ohio School of the Air in the 1940s, Alcott’s own life in many ways paralleled those of her characters in her classic “Little Women”. It makes you appreciate “Little Women” all the more when you realize that so much of the author’s own experiences are tied up in that fictional story. Enjoy this classic heartwarming biographical program with your family!

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An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving by Louisa May Alcott (PDF ebook)

In this delightful short story, the author of “Little Women” tells this classic tale that re-captures the celebration of Thanksgiving as it was observed in the early 1820s in rural New England. It is a tale full of family, fun, humor, long-lost traditions, and the smells and tastes of a Thanksgiving day “way back when”.

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Making the Holidays Family Friendly

Our good friend Penny Raine at has graciously allowed us to share one of her favorite ebooks with you as today’s freebie – just in time for the upcoming holiday season!

The Holidays are supposed to be all about celebrating with the folks you love, yet all too often the focus is on the preparations instead of the people and the children especially seem to get lost in the shuffle. If holidays are stressful to you, or you come to the end of the day wondering where and what your children were doing all day, this book is for you. It is a reminder of why we celebrate, and how to celebrate in a more family-friendly way. Memories are made at every holiday, are they good ones or bad ones? Learn how to make them good ones for everyone.

Normally $4.95, but free today, exclusively from Homeschool Freeie of the Day!

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The Art Zone

The National Gallery of Art has a great interactive art  site called THE ART ZONE – an amazing array of art project activities for kids to create their  own works of art online.  Create portraits, animated scenes and landscape paintings in the style of American primitive artists… and much, much more! Loads of mind-boggling computer art fun here. Requires PC or Mac – won’t work on mobile devices.

Click here to go to the site!

The ABCs of Art

Screen shot 2014-11-05 at 11.46.12 AMThe ABCs of Art

These are very simple, neat printable teaching handouts, demonstrating the elements and principles of design in a way that is super easy for young students to grasp. They also show how to incorporate these concepts in students’ own artwork. The artist has included both color and black & white versions of each of these teaching sheets. Just take a look… You’ll want to print out all of these and keep in your art folder. Great stuff!

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Joyous Home Fall Issue

Joyous Home Journal is making their downloadable Autumn issue free to our readers this week! It con­tains fun fall embroi­dery, encour­ag­ing arti­cles, home­made corn­bread from freshly ground corn (a Thanks­giv­ing favorite), clay stamped orna­ments, A Pump­kin Tea with deli­cious cakes, cook­ies and sand­wiches, home­made maple sugar, fall fringed table run­ner, pop­corn balls, recipes for chilly days, make a pump­kin vine whis­tle, a pop­corn pop­per, and won­der­ful pump­kins souf­fle. This is a delight.  Enjoy!

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Mary of Plymouth

i-155Mary of Plymouth: A Story of the Pilgrim Settlement by James Otis (PDF ebook)

“My name is Mary, and I am setting down all these things about our people here in this new world, hoping some day to send my dear friend, Hannah, who lives in Scrooby, England, what may really come to be a story… even though the writer of it is only sixteen years old, having lived in Plymouth since the day our company landed from the Mayflower in 1620, more than eleven years ago…”

So begins this delightful book about the pilgrims and the colony of Plymouth, as told through the eyes of a young pilgrim girl named Mary. This classic “living history book”, written by James Otis and originally published in 1910, is full of history, fascinating details about the daily lives of the pilgrims, along with plenty of action and adventure. Profusely illustrated and highly recommended. this is back by popular request! A great story to share with your kids as we draw closer to our own Thanksgiving celebrations!

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