Great Authors teach SPELLING!

Wheeler’s Graded Studies in Great Authors: A Complete Speller

Today we feature this fantastic spelling book, which uses great quotes from famous authors (Shakespeare, Longfellow, Coleridge, Burns, etc.) as both copywork and spelling practice… with particular attention paid to spelling rules and trickier spellings.

This is perfect for upper elementary through jr high spellers. Loads of great quotations too, if you just want to use this for copywork and penmanship. Highly recommended!

Note: since this is a scanned copy of the original book, it is best viewed on a computer. It won’t be readable on a portable device.

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She Loves Math

She Loves Math was created by Lisa Johnson, a math tutor in the Dallas, Texas area since 1993. Lisa has spent years compiling math hints and tricks, and is sharing them you! “Early on,” writes Lisa, “I found math to be my favorite subject since  I wasn’t crazy about memorizing, and I found that I could memorize a lot less in math. It really was like working on puzzles. What’s more fun than that? I just didn’t see what the big deal was with math.

“So, having been a math tutor for over 20 years, I have found if I relate the problems to stuff in my students’ real life (being actively involved instead of passively involved), and direct the students on how much to memorize, the math becomes much easier and much more fun… If the pages seem “babyish,” that’s because I mean it that way; I’ve been told that I explain things in “simple and plain” terms, which is usually not the case in “normal” math books.”

Lisa’s tips, examples, lessons and tutorials cover math from kindergarten all the way through High School – from counting to calculus. They are great for introducing new concepts or reviewing basic math skills.

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Slide-Together Geometric Models!



If your kids have a knack for paper models and enjoy making things, you’ll want to check out today’s amazing “slide-together” geometric paper construction projects. Or, as the author says, stretch your kids brains and “provide students with experience exploring properties  and relationships of two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometric figures.” Well, okay. But they look WAY fun, too! Print out and try these crazy looking models, and see if your kids can build one too!

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Basic Ideas in Chemistry

BASIC IDEAS IN CHEMISTRY by Michael Clark (PDF ebook)

Understanding chemistry relies on being familiar with a few basic ideas, methods and conventions upon which later studies are built. This concise 16 page PDF ebook by Michael Clark presents these basic ideas, conventions and methods: use of chemical symbols and formulae, writing chemical equations, and calculations involving solids, gasses and solutions. A great primer or “cheat sheet” for beginning chemistry students!

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Relativity for Poets

RELATIVITY FOR POETS by Benjamin Crowell (PDF ebook)

Here’s a delightful non-mathematical introduction to Einstein’s theories of special and general relativity, including a brief overview of cosmology. This light-hearted science book is guaranteed the fuel the imagination of physics students. Filled with lots of illustrations and a dash of humor, it starts out with the basics and digs deep, all the while being a pleasure to read:

Once upon a time, there was an ornery man who liked to argue. He was undiplomatic and had a talent for converting allies into enemies. His name was Galileo, and it was his singular misfortune to be correct in most of his opinions. When he was arguing, Galileo had a few annoying habits. One was to answer a perfectly sound theoretical argument with a contradictory experiment or observation. Another was that, since he knew he was right, he freely made up descriptions of experiments that he hadn’t actually done.

Galileo’s true opponent was a dead man, the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle. Aristotle, probably based on generalizations from everyday experience, had come up with some seemingly common-sense theories about motion…

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Presidents Day Holiday Helper


Presidents Day (Monday, Feb 19th) honors two of our most beloved presidents – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

But, how to observe the holiday and integrate it with homeschooling? With living books, great art, and inspiring quotes for copywork,  that’s how. LivingBooksCurriculum’s Presidents Day Holiday Helper, an 86-page handbook, is a helpful guide to our national holiday – and it’s yours free for President’s Day & beyond. Great resource!

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For more information about Living Books Curriculum’s Charlotte Mason Education for Homeschooling Families, click here.

Easy, Fun Chemistry Experiments

“Chemistry with Cabbage” is a group that puts on live science programs for grade schools in the UK. They also have a delightful collection of over 40 simple but fascinating chemistry experiments for students to do at home, using simple household supplies. Bookmark this and try some of these activities out whenever you need a break or a change of pace in your homeschool. These are great!

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Sun

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Sun is a fascinating overview of the origin and lifespan of the star we call “the Sun”. It’s an easily accessible guide to the history of the sun, the interior and surface dynamics of the sun, how solar winds, flare, coronal mass ejections and sunspots affect the Earth, and much more. Chapters are downloadable individually as PDF files. This online edition of the book was made available by the NASA Astrophysics Data System.

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Teeth and Eating Unit Study

The Children’s University of Manchester’s website has several learning activity topics, including this great Unit Study on Teeth and Eating by Professor Liz Kay. It’s an excellent study for primary grades that covers the structure of our teeth, types of teeth, how to take care of your teeth, and much more.

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The Science Behind Glass

Glass is all around us: We can see it almost everywhere we go, whether we’re looking through the window of our bedroom or having a drink of water or milk with our dinner. Glass is hard, but it can break easily. Glass is also usually clear, but sometimes, it can be colored to make works of art. It’s one of the most useful materials people have ever invented, showing up everywhere from eyeglasses to phone lines to light bulbs.

Here’s a wonderful page of articles, videos, resources and hands-on experiments which can be used as a unit study about glass and the science behind it. Highly recommended.

Many thanks to Jess R. for letting us know about this great resource!

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Hunkins’ Cartoon Experiments

Hunkin’s Experiments, by cartoonist, broadcaster and engineer Tim Hunkin, offers over 200 fun cartoons that will have you experimenting with food, light, sound, clothes, and a whole lot more. Most of these are easy and quite entertaining – great for kids of all ages!

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Visual Physics Playtime!

One of our favorite sections of (which has loads of great physics lessons) is their “Visual Physics” page, which contains two dozen fascinating interactive demonstrations you can play with.

How far does it take to stop your vehicle on a dry road / wet road / icy road?

How do we hear?

Why don’t satellites fall?

What is the science behind making a jump shot in basketball?

What is sound anyway?

There’s lots more on the site. These are great fun, and all the physics behind the questions are fully explained.

CLICK HERE to check out all their interactive demonstrations!

See? I Told Me So!

See, I Told Me So!  Homeschool Veterans Declare You Can Stop Worrying (PDF ebook)
edited by Tammy Cardwell

Twenty homeschool graduates and parents unite to present one of the most life-changing books the anxious homeschooler will ever read! While telling their own stories these veterans share about homeschooling in a wide variety of situations — “normal” homeschooling, homeschooling within the walls of the family business, homeschooling on a minimal budget, homeschooling with incurable illness, and beyond. Contributors have looked back on their homeschooling years and then turned to today, to the results they see in their children’s lives. As one, they say, “See, I told me so! I could have stopped worrying years ago… and you can stop worrying today!”

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