Harriet Tubman and the Railway to Freedom

Since Harriet Tubman is soon to be on the new $20 bill, we thought some young learners might like to know a little more about her. This is one neat way to accomplish that:

Harriet Tubman & the Railway to Freedom (MP3 audio) is a classic old time radio dramatization of the story of Harriet Tubman and her work with the “underground railroad” during slave years. This excellent half hour audio program was originally broadcast on the radio series “Destination Freedom” way back on July 4, 1948.

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The Arithmetic Primer

Today we have this excellent vintage arithmetic primer by Frank Hall for grades 1 and 2, outlining two full years of concepts, lessons and examples for younger students.

From the introduction:

The Primer of Arithmetic is not made up mainly of graded miscellaneous problems. It is built on a plan. Each four-page group constitutes the larger unit of the plan. Twenty-seven presentations of this gradually changing unit make up the book. In the first eleven groups the page units are as follows:
1st page – New number facts
2nd page – Number facts applied to linear measurements
3rd page – Number facts applied to surface measurements
4th page – The “Elementary Spiral” (a problem in each of the five fundamental processes), followed by miscellaneous problems
In the remainder of the book, the 1st and 4th pages of each group are similar to the corresponding pages of the first eleven groups. The 2nd page teaches the application of primary facts to the larger numbers. The 3rd page deals with solid, surface, linear, and capacity measurements.

Great guide for introducing arithmetic to primary students!

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Rolf and the Viking Bow


Set in Iceland in the middle ages, this great historic adventure story by Allen French (a friend of C. S. Lewis & Tolkien) is about  young Rolf’s adventures both as a Viking and a slave, during a period when the new teachings of Christianity were still mixed with the old customs of his land. Lots of adventure &  interesting twists in a story that also portrays betrayal & forgiveness, honor & virtue, and how to face adversity and the danger of pride. Highly recommended!

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The Nursery Lesson Book

By popular request, today we bring back The Nursery Lesson Book (PDF ebook), an excellent vintage guide for teaching young children, with 50 lessons combining simple & progressive instruction in reading, CURSIVE writing, arithmetic, drawing and singing. Fully illustrated, with songs included. Good, basic, easy-to-use material for little learners!

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More “Live” Animal Cams

Screen shot 2016-04-22 at 12.02.17 PM

Explore.org offers dozens of live and recorded “highlights” animal cams from around the world — featuring wild birds, sea life, puppies, kittens, tigers, bunnies, and lots of other animals that are fun to watch on their home turf. Just scroll down the page and click on the one you want to view, and in a few moments, you are live and up close to your new animal friends. (There are plenty of other interesting wildlife videos and resources on this site too.)

Thanks to Jennifer in California for letting us know about this site!

Click here to go to the site!