The Hiawatha Primer

The Hiawatha Primer (PDF ebook)

Today’s resource is this classic reading and nature studies primer that uses the 1855 epic poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow based on the legends of the Ojibway Indians as its subject. It’s a delightful reading primer for grades 2-3, covering a variety of topics, handwriting instruction, reading lessons, and some lovely illustrations. A great introduction to this classic work for younger students.

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Nineteenth Century American Children & What They Read

Want to amaze (or freak out) your kids? Then just show them today’s resource.

Nineteenth Century American Children & What They Read attempts to provide an in-depth picture of the lifestyle of children in 1800s America.

Here you’ll find bits and pieces that the author collected or found interesting about nineteenth-century American children. You’ll also find works selected from early children’s books and magazines, and even examples of children’s own diaries and stories. Here’s more about the site from the webmaster:

When most people think of nineteenth-century American children’s books, they think of works like Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women (1868), or Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer (1876). Or maybe they think of Horatio Alger’s books, like Ragged Dick (1867). But there were other, earlier books that were equally popular — so popular that one author was mobbed by excited children when he made a tour in the 1840s.
I’ve collected and studied early American children’s books and magazines for almost two decades….
I’ve also been interested in the children themselves. Most of us have an idealized vision of 19th-century American children and their families. But children have been children from the beginning of time: endearing, irritating, beautiful, frustrating. And family life has never been ideal.”

Loads of fascinating articles and many, many great downloadable resources on this one… take time to explore it!

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The Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party by Josephine Pollard & H. W. McVikar (PDF ebook)

Well, we have today, by popular request, a rerun of this wonderful old time picture book telling the story of the Boston Tea Party, which occurred in December of 1773 – 241 years ago! Yes, it is an old OLD book, originally published in 1883, but don’t let that fool you. This is a hugely enjoyable historical romp back to the events surrounding that milestone event in colonial America. Beautiful, witty illustrations and text in verse make this an absolutely delightful picture book your kids will truly enjoy – and learn a lot of history from, too!

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Everyday Life in the Colonies

coloniesEveryday Life in the Colonies by Gertrude Stone and M. Grace Fickett (PDF ebook)

Here’s a wonderful classic “living book” about what it was like to live in colonial America. Each chapter is actually a separate story, following young boys and girls through their daily life as it would have been during that time. Included are chapters about ordinary activities such as candlemaking, letter writing, schoolwork, telling time and celebrating the Christmas season, as well as some exciting stories of Indian encounters. Great “living history”!

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Richard of Jamestown

Richard of Jamestown by James Otis (PDF ebook) – A wonderful, highly readable chapter book by James Otis, chronicling the adventures of Richard, a young boy who sails to the new world with the colonists who founded Jamestown. His stories of the hardships and adventures faced by the Jamestown settlers, told from the viewpoint of a young boy, make this great reading for the Fall season. Don’t miss this!

from the foreword:

The purpose of this series of stories is to show the children, and even those who have already taken up the study of history, the home life of the colonists with whom they meet in their books. To this end every effort has been made to avoid anything savoring of romance, and to deal only with facts, so far as that is possible, while describing the daily life of those people who conquered the wilderness whether for conscience sake or for gain.

That the stories may appeal more directly to the children, they are told from the viewpoint of a child, and purport to have been related by a child. Should any criticism be made regarding the seeming neglect to mention important historical facts, the answer would be that these books are not sent out as histories—although it is believed that they will awaken a desire to learn more of the building of the nation—and only such incidents as would be particularly noted by a child are used.

Surely it is entertaining as well as instructive for young people to read of the toil and privations in the homes of those who came into a new world to build up a country for themselves, and such homely facts are not to be found in the real histories of our land.

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Awesome Infrared!

Screen shot 2014-10-11 at 9.23.01 AMWhat is Infrared?

Infrared is a form of light that falls just outside the visible spectrum… light that we can not see with our eyes, but that we can sometimes feel on our skin as heat.The world around us looks remarkably different in infrared light. People become luminous objects as we see things by the glow of their heat rather than the light that falls upon them.

The Cool Cosmos website from Cal Tech University explores the many fascinating ways infrared light and photography is used in astronomy, medicine, and day to day life. There are complete lesson plans, printouts and other teaching resources here too. Be SURE to check out the “Infrared Gallery”. Fascinating!

Click here to go to the site

and Click here to go to the Lesson Plans page

- suggested by Lorraine Goulet(thanks, Lorraine!)

Sound City Reading

Kathy Davis of Sound City has developed a great phonics program based on her 20+ years teaching and tutoring students in early reading skills.  She gave the name  “Sound City Reading” to the phonics materials she developed because she added roofs to the first letter charts to make them look like a row of houses in a city. The entire course – with dozens of printable ebooks, charts and activity sheets – is available for free on her site.

Click here to go to the site!

- submitted by Allison Lemaster (thanks, Allison!)

Five Minute Lessons

Here’s an extensive collection from Education World of Five Minute mini-lessons you can drop into your daily schedule whenever you want to break things up a bit and do something different. These five-minute lessons are for the most part quite fun, and cover a wide variety of topics, including comprehension, spelling, math, time, computation skills, critical thinking, research skills and more!

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- suggested by Misty Nordyke (thanks, Misty!)

Music Games & Activities Printables

Tamsyn Spackman of Teaching Children has put together this wonderful 61-page PDF e-book with ten different printable music games and learning activities. Instructions for the activities are on the first few pages of the PDF, and they are then followed by the actual printables on the remaining pages.

These are VERY good and would be helpful learning tools for young students learning about music. Highly recommended!

Here’s what Tamsyn says about this collection:

Music Games and Activities is a 61-page activity book with 10 different games/activities to print out and do with your children or students. I have made YouTube videos for a few of them, as referenced in the instructions. For convenience, I have listed them on this page as well.  I hope you enjoy them!  “Rainbow Castle” is my children’s favorite, it’s a note-reading game similar to Candyland.  “Piano Chord Wheel” has been the most popular, and a favorite for piano teachers.  One teacher printed them out on different colored pieces of paper to make piano flowers.

We would love to make many more materials like these- I’ve got lots of ideas!  If you like what you see, please consider supporting our KickStarter campaign.

If you have any questions on how to use the printouts, please feel free to contact me.  I’m here to help!

You can download this PDF ebook here!

Soil Critters Field Guide

Screen shot 2014-10-10 at 3.31.01 PMHere from the Field Museum is a neat illustrated “field guide” for kids to help them identify the many organisms and little creatures you find in soil… including invertebrates, arthropods and insects. Fun and full of information on the creatures living just a few inches below your feet!

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- submitted by Becky Dobbs (thanks, Becky!)