Mathematical Geography


Great reference text on how Geography and Mathematics work together, with chapters on the form & rotation of the earth, latitude and longitude, time and the calendar, math & tides, the earth in space, and more. Very well done vintage illustrated  reference book, with loads of great info for curious students and advanced math & geographic study!

To download this PDF ebook, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save” to your computer.

Mac users, hold down the “control” key and click the above link, then “save” to your mac.

The Burgess Bird Book Companion

The Burgess Bird Book Companion

“The Burgess Bird Book” is a classic children’s book by Thornton W. Burgess that introduces children to birds of all kinds. Each chapter is a delightful story about Peter Rabbit and the birds that live around him. Each chapter covers two birds on average. Children will learn their physical appearance, characteristics, eating and nesting habits, behavior, songs, and calls.

Today’s resource from the SatoriSmiles homeschool resource blog not only offers links to the complete ebook and audiobook versions of this classic book, but also an amazing list of online resources that complement and expand this fantastic book, including top bird identification sites and to free coloring pages, birdsong audios, crafts and much much more. Wonderful!

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One Place for Special Needs

One Place for Special Needs

One Place for Special Needs helps you find more and do more in the disability community, and acts as a bridge between families that are looking for resources and professionals/organizations that offer programs and services to the disability community. LOADS of resources in their “early learning activities” directory!

“Not specifically for homeschooling, but a caring community for those with kids with special needs. Has links on the home page to education-related topics. Also has an extensive listings of apps for both Apple and Android systems.”
–  suggested by Stephanie Buckwalter (thanks, Stephanie!)

Click here to go to the home page

Click here to go to their amazing “early learning activities” search page containing links to over 200 learning games & sites, most of them free.

Solar System Trading Cards!


Amazing Space has a wonderful page of downloadable posters, bookmarks, charts and trading cards depicting solar system objects such as planets, comets, asteroids, and the Sun. The trading cards (aka flash cards) are at the bottom of the page. The front of each card displays a color image of a solar system object; the back provides the diameter, distance from the Sun, and/or interesting facts about the object. Great printable that comes in two versions (for older students, and a jr. version for younger students) plus an online activity/game page.

CLICK HERE to go to the download page for the trading cards and all the other resources!

Tip: This site also has a bunch more resources for teachers HERE!

Arvind Gupta Toys!!!

Arvind Gupta

Today we’re featuring this AMAZING and truly WONDERFUL site from India, which shows students how to create toys from household or even trash items. These little toy building projects were designed for use in very poor villages and schools in rural India, but most of these are highly appealing to children of all ages and all cultures. These are so inventive and delightful, your kids will be fascinated with these. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Click here to go to the simple toy building instructions page

Click here to go to the video instructions page

Leaves, Changing Colors & Experiments!

Here’s are some great articles and lessons on the science and mystery of leaves and how they change colors in Autumn.

(By the way, you’ll want to click on the wonderful comic strips in this post to read the full sized versions. They are from here.)

WHY DO LEAVES CHANGE COLOR? Every kid is curious about that!

Good scientific explanations for kids can be found HERE and from the USDA Forest Service HERE!

EXPERIMENT TIME! One of the coolest “Fall” experiments you can do is to separate colors in leaves using Chromatography – it is great fun!

Click here to see how to do this awesome experiment that works for both green leaves and leaves that have already turned colors. (And here is pretty much the same experiment, but with step-by-step with photos!)

Fall Art Lessons has a great page with links to 50 free Autumn-themed art lessons for kids. Lots of great ideas and different media, including chalk, watercolor, acrylics, stamping, etc. Fun art projects for the season that your kids can really get into!

“A few leaves are already starting to turn here in the south and that means it’s time to turn our attention to fall art! Pull out those fantastic reds, oranges, browns, yellows and greens. Don’t you love a fall palette?”

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Every-Day Edits

Want a little different way to teach English grammar skills? Have your student correct someone else’s mistakes!

That’s the premise behind “Every-Day Edits”, a neat series of short (10 minutes!) downloadable lessons offered at that build language skills, test scores, and cultural literacy for students in grades 4 and above.

CLICK HERE to go to the site

“I love this site it has editing pages that only take 10 minutes. That way we can spend 10 minutes on editing then get to other stuff in English.  This is more for the high school students.” – suggested by Rhonda Varkey (thanks, Rhonda!)

A Treasury of Flashcards


My Free Flashcards is a great resource site that offers hundreds of printable and interactive flashcards & presentations in a large array of topics: skeletal system, math, music, food, telling time, social studies, life skills & more, all available in English, French or Spanish. Lots of good material here for students of all ages!

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English Fairy Tales

English Fairy Tales retold by Flora Annie Steel, illustrated by Arthur Rackham (PDF ebook) – Today’s resource is this great volume of classic English fairy tales, well told in all their bluster and thunder by Flora Annie Steel, and accompanied by appropriately weird and magical illustrations by well known children’s book illustrator Arthur Rackham. These are not wishy washy Disney-fied versions, but are rollicking fun (and often danger-filled) renditions of such classic stories as: St. George of Merrie England, Jack the Giant Killer, Jack & the Beanstalk, The Three Bears, Tattercoats, Lazy Jack, Dick Whittington & His Cat, and many more. Good reading and great art!

This is a scanned PDF of the original book, so it would be best viewed on a computer, not on portable devices.

To download this PDF ebook, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save link” to your computer. Mac users, press the “control” key, then click the link and save to your mac.

Mind Trekkers STEM Activities Library

Michigan Technological University’s Mind Trekkers STEM Road Shows bring the WOW! of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to the hands and minds of K-12 students. While they are mainly a “road show” doing special events at schools and fairs in Michigan, they have also compiled a wonderful page with hundreds of STEM activities, experiments and demonstrations, many of which are perfect for home use.

CLICK HERE to check it out!


Poems to Play With

POEMS TO PLAY WITH (IN CLASS) is a 128 page study guide prepared for the New York City Department of Education as a guide to teaching poetry to elementary students in grades 3 thru 5. But a lot of it would work just as well for homeschool use. This is another of those cases where taking the time to “glean” from a resource originally purposed for other use can really pay off. So ignore all the “school standards” classroom stuff and instead glean all the great ideas in this helpful study guide that has lots of wonderful poems, lessons, resources and activities related to poetry for your kids.

From the introduction:

One of the great things about teaching poetry to students in the elementary grades is that  they already come to you with openness for the genre. They will also have had some exposure to the genre due to its frequent use in primary grade classrooms. As teachers,  we now want to extend and expand both their knowledge of and appreciation for poetry. We want them to experience the power of precise words and carefully chosen language. We want them to understand that good poems – powerful words and images – have the ability to inspire, motivate, awaken, amuse and help us see things in new ways.

…We also want to challenge our students to approach poems first with open eyes, ears, hearts and minds – to revel in the rhythm of language, to marvel at the pairing of two words, to laugh at an amusing metaphor or telling and to be able to say to themselves: Wow!

Check it out, and glean some great ideas from this guide. RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save link” to your PC. Mac users press the “control” key and click the link and save the PDF file on your mac.

Build Your Own Homeschool Planner

Making your own homeschool planner is the perfect way to ensure YOU get the planner YOU want and will utilize! It is a fun process to build it, inexpensive to have bound, and rewarding to use a planner you built from the ground up.

Here’s a great how-to guide & collection of planner pages from Jessica at that will inspire and encourage you to create your own personal planner. Some of the printable pages she offers here include:
Blank two page calendar spread
Lined, dotted and plain pages with Charlotte Mason quotes
Daily homeschool planner schedules
Charlotte Mason checklists
Memory work
Student evaluations
Habit pages… and more.

Click here to go to the download page!

Teenie Weenie Neighbors!


Today we’re sharing this wonderful volume in this classic children’s book series by beloved writer/artist William Donahey.

The Teenie Weenies are two inch high people living in a very LARGE and colorful world, and in this volume we meet many of their animal neighbors. This series was a favorite of many children in the early to mid 1900s. GORGEOUS black & white and color illustrations — check it out!

This is a scanned PDF of the original printed book, and as such is best viewed on a computer, and not a portable device.

To download this PDF book, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save” to your computer