Make your mom CRY this Mother’s Day

Happy tears, that is.

Give her our tiny little book 50 SIMPLE REASONS WHY I LOVE YOU, MOM and she’ll probably do just that.

And THIS gift she will always treasure.

50 SIMPLE REASONS WHY I LOVE YOU, MOM is a delightfully simple and fun paperback book/journal that lets you create a truly personalized keepsake for your mother. And best of all, this little book will be filled with your own thoughts, words and memories – not a bunch of canned sentiments someone else has written.

Take a peek! To view a PDF sampler of the book – just click here!

Here’s just a few of the simple writing prompts from the book you can easily fill out and expand upon:

I love you because even when I didn’t appreciate it, you __________

I love you because you showed me how I could _____________

I love you because you taught me to never _____________

I love you because of your selfless _______________

Unlike other fill-in-the-blank books, these creative prompts are just enough to get you going, and make it easy peasy to express your feelings the way YOU want – with a single word, a sentence, or a paragraph – any way you wish.

With 50 beautifully detailed illustrations by Jess Erskine, plus your own 50 simple reasons that say just what you’ve always wanted to tell her, this itty bitty book will speak right from your heart to hers… and your mom will recognize and cherish that instantly. It’s the perfect gift… just perfect!

Click here to see and order the book on!

PS. When you order your copy from Amazon, email us  your confirmation or receipt, and we will send you a “knock your socks off” bonus gift for your homeschool!

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