The Adventures of Daniel Boone – Unit Study, Lapbook and Audio Story!

We’ve got a great selection of resources for you today on this great American pioneer and explorer:

DANIEL BOONE – North American Explorer

Great unit study and printable lapbook from Dynamic 2 Moms! Suggested by Rilla Z.

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In 1820, a portrait artist named Chester Harding travelled for weeks through the wilderness to the Missouri frontier, just to paint a true portrait of the then legendary frontiersman, Daniel Boone. (Yes, that’s his actual portrait of Boone there to the left.) While Harding painted his portrait (and a friend held the 85 year old pioneer’s head steady), the elderly Boone related some stories of his early days exploring and settling the wilderness of Ken-Tuck-ee (”the land of the meadows”). This is a great dramatization of some of the events of Boone’s life during the time of the settling of Boonesborough, and its subsequent attack by the British and Indians, as originally broadcast on Cavalcade of America, on April 16, 1940.

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