Physics Experiments that You Can Do At Home

Physics Experiments That You Can Do At Home (PDF ebook) –  Physics is primarily the study of motion and energy, but that energy can take many forms: Motion, Heat, Sound, Electricity, Magnetism and Light. Each of these forms of energy is demonstrated and explained with easy to do, fun experiments in this neat little 22 page collection published by Professor Clint Sprott and his associates at the Physics Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as part of their Wonders of Physics outreach program, . Your kids will really enjoy these. Highly recommended!

To download this PDF, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save link” to your computer. Mac users, press the “control” key then click the link and save to your mac.

Be sure to check out the Wonders of Physics  page which contains lots more info on what they do, several streaming videos, and much more!

6 thoughts on “Physics Experiments that You Can Do At Home

  1. Great resource!  This is just the kind of thing I have been looking for to spruce up our science studies.  Thanks again for all your work in making these resources available!

  2. Thanks so much for this resource.  I commented on your survey of the need for an elementary physics resource, and BOY you delivered quickly.  

  3. Thanks so much . what a great resource. I ordered the Physics demonstration book.  You always come up with great resources.  Susan

  4. What a fabulous resource!  You really have a way with finding the perfect educational materials for our children!  Thank you sooooo much!

  5. thank you SOOOOO much for this resource!  i had just put on survey a request for something like this.

  6. On Friday my son was having difficulty understanding the concept of air pressure.  The following Monday I downloaded Physics Experiments that You Can Do At Home.  That Monday we conducted the experiment that demonstrated air pressure.  My 11 year old son loved the experiment (seeing how air crushes a pop can).  I took the concept a step further (with guidance from Physics Experiments…) and related air pressure to water pressure and deep sea exploration.  Hands on learning at its best!

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