April 20: Fun & Music Down on the Farm

Fun & Music Down on the Farm (mp3 audios) – Today, let's take a fun trip out into the country and down on the farm, courtesy of our sister site, HomeschoolRadioShows.com and these classic children's stories and songs from yesteryear.

First up is a  jolly version of the classic children's song, "Oats, Peas, Beans"; then a visit with "The Little Crooked Man" (of the Mother Goose rhyme) with his crooked cat and crooked mouse; a journey with "Uncle Don Down On The Farm", and finally we'll stop in for a delightful concert put on by a little mouse and a whole menagerie of barnyard animals. All of the above classic audios = loads of fun for kids of all ages. Enjoy your visit down on the farm!

Click here to go to today's audio resources!

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