April 29: PASS curriculum

Today's resource find is this huge download resource site sponsored by the State of Florida's Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services Curriculum Improvement Project PASS. 

What is PASS?
Parallel Alternative Strategies for Students (PASS) volumes are unique, supplemental materials written to help students with various learning needs achieve success in the classroom. The student volumes are presented in an easy-to-understand format for students seeking a standard diploma. The information is written by the Curriculum Improvement Project team in a manner that offers more understanding in less time. The PASS materials provide resources for teaching courses without changing essential content. The teacher guides give exciting teacher suggestions to stimulate student interest with thought-provoking activities. These inexpensive, ready-to-use resources may be reproduced or used as a workbook.

Who are these curriculum materials for? According to the site, PASS volumes are used by students with various learning needs and achievement levels who are seeking a standard diploma. Although the PASS volumes were adapted specifically for these students, the content complements courses so well that some teachers use them with all of their students. PASS  volumes correlate with the Florida Sunshine State Standards and are used in various settings, which include the following.

  • public and private schools
  • juvenile detention centers
  • Second Chance schools
  • Marine Institutes
  • boot camps
  • halfway houses
  • homebound programs
  • charter schools
  • community service centers
  • other nontraditional learning settings

Thousands of teachers have successfully used the volumes in the PASS series with their students, and the orders keep coming from educators across the state of Florida.

What we've checked out of these look great for junior & senior high homeschoolers. Check out the different categories & resources… you may find just what you need to cover or supplement your student's studies on a specific subject!

Click here to go to the PASS home page.

3 thoughts on “April 29: PASS curriculum

  1. I have used these for my 10th grade homeschool student. We live in SC and they were also very nice and gave me the passwords for the teacher editions.

  2. Thank you so much for posting actual resources for exceptional children. It is sometimes hard to find actual worksheets and activities for exceptional children. There is always lots of info. about different exceptionalalities but never actual curricular material. Once again, thanks.

  3. I have used these for years and have been very happy with them.  I received the password for the TE and I live in Texas.  My children are "normal" (but really what is normal) but I love the way these take new concepts little bites at a time.

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