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Peter Wheat and the inhabitants of the wheat field are back with more fun comic book adventures for you! Written & illustrated by the great Walt Kelly (creator of “Pogo”), these little known 16 page comic books were originally published in 1950 as giveaways for local “Peter Wheat” bakeries. Though long “lost” and out of print, these contain some wonderfully exciting and fun adventures, and Kelly’s marvelous artwork make them especially attractive to young readers.

Today’s adventure is “The Mysterious Thief” – somebody or someTHING has broken into the bakery and made a huge mess of everything, and it is up to Peter and Sammy Sweet to find out who it is… before it’s too late!

Along with that, we have the delightful Peter Wheat Coloring Book, featuring full page illustrations of Peter and his friends for young hands to color and enjoy! If your kids are Peter Wheat fans, they will love this!

To download the Peter Wheat Comic book, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save link” to your computer. Mac users, press the “control” key and click the link and save to your mac.

To download the Peter Wheat COLORING BOOK, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save link” to your computer. Mac users, press the “control” key and click the link and save to your mac.


36 thoughts on “Peter Wheat Adventures + Coloring Book

  1. Yes! We like these, they are very sweet, and I've always been partial to Walt Kelly's art. (And it's not like any resource not appropriate for one's family *has* to be taken; we usually only get a couple things a week, but we are incredibly grateful for that couple things.)

  2. I personally like them and would like to have more.
    Anyway, thanks a lot for all you do.

  3. Well my girls enjoy them! So if you decide to quit posting these, please tell me where to find more! Thanks!

  4. I  am torn over Peter Wheat. I love the artwork and I love for my kids to experience all sorts of  materials. The stories are a bit cheesey, but, isn't that the point?!  The materials you find are so great!  I tell my kids these are stories and pictures that kids enjoyed years ago and to think about them as a history lesson and it opens up questions and comments!

  5. My 5 and 7 yr old boys quite like Peter Wheat (just enough action and he's a real little hero) and were very disappointed that I didn't have lots more on my computer. Please keep them coming! For those who are "anti," they can certainly choose not to download them, right?

  6. Hi, We really enjoy the Peter Wheat books!  My son hurried through his other work this morning so we could download Peter Wheat!  Thanks for offering them.  Hope

  7. Personally, we try to skip fairies, witches and the like so this is not on our list of downloadables. The art work is sweet and the main plot concept was great! I enjoy the selection and the option to download or not. Thanks for all you do!

  8. I like the Peter Wheat stories and would like for you to continue to share them. They have a wonderful, old fashioned flavor.

  9. I think they are cute and nostalgic. They remind me of the the old `boy's own' annuals. Great piece of cartoon history.

  10. Like those above me, I like the Peter Wheat stories, too.  Their cute & nostalgic.  It's a nice fun break from the regular coursework. 😉

  11. I'm all for them, they're some of my favorite things you all have posted recently! Often, there will be downloads that i have, or that are similar to books I have or have read. (Those are still great resources, I'm just noting that they often repeat material I have or can get easily). But nothing is like these Peter Wheat booklets! Thanks so much for posting them.

  12. I love the Peter Wheat stories!  There are other resources that are not my cup of tea, but I generally just skip the download rather than taking the time to complain about something that someone else might enjoy.

  13. Peter Wheat is so cute!  My kids are especially excited about the coloring book today.  I'm not much on wizards and witches, but much like in the Cinnamon Bear, they are so nostalgic and not really scary.  We would LOVE more!!

  14. We're enjoying them – they certainly aren't the most useful resources that we've gotten from your website, but they are high on the cutest list.  And what's life without a little bit of fun and frivolity and joy sometimes?  

  15. I'm not particularly for or against these books.  But I feel as with any resource you post, a person can choose to download or not.   Not every resource will please every person.  I vote for keeping them and as with everything else allowing your visitors pick and choose what they with to use. 🙂

  16. Since we started the Peter Wheat comics it would be nice to finish them.  Plus, we also appreciate all that your family does for the homeschool community.  It makes things difficult when you cannot please all the people all the time, and some of the people some of the time.  Keep up the great work–we're behind you!

  17. I don't care for the fairies/witches, but I do have the option to skip the resource.  I say keep them coming, and let people choose not to download vs. taking them away from everyone.
    Thanks for all you do!

  18. I would prefer they go away…..enough have been posted for those that enjoy them, but it's getting old.  Thanks for asking.   Perhaps you could put together a CD to purchase for those that like this sort of thing.  I don't. 

  19. I love the vintage resources, Peter Wheat included! I like the coloring book best though, because the stories are cheesy and it's the vintage illustrations/drawings that I really like.

  20. My son really likes reading comics and he has enjoyed reading these. Please continue to post the Peter Wheat comics.  These comics are cute and non threatening.  I have not worried about the content.  Keep them coming. 
    Thanks I have enjoyed all that I have downloaded.

  21. I am thankful for many of the items you offer.  Like a few others have mentioned, we choose not to expose our children to wizards, witches, fairies, or the like, and are rather disappointed to find so much of these types of things available.  We certainly give preference to sites and suppliers who do not carry such things, and are especially happy to find homeschool suppliers who pre-screen content.  It is certainly helpful if you would continue to mention any possibly objectionable content, so your subscribers can download  according to their conscience.  It is our belief that children can lead happy, fulfilled, and useful lives while still obeying the scriptural mandates of truthfulness and sober living, and being entertained with mythical creatures or those with occult connotations do not promote these virtues.

  22. We have enjoyed these very much.
    You have offered freebies that I didn't need or care for, however, it would never occur to me to complain.  Just because a particular day's freebie didn't suit my needs or preferences does not mean it wasn't just the right thing for someone else.
    I appreciate the work you put into this site and have benefitted much from it.  I will miss the Peter Wheat's if you no longer offer them.  But I wouldn't be "disgruntled" by your decision either. 
    Thank you!!!

  23. we try to stay away from fairies, witches, wizard, the word "magic", etc.  This story was quite mild, but I'm glad that I read it before I told the kids about it. We simply choose not to download this type of material, since there is so much other good stuff out there. They don't miss it!  Thank you for the options of picking & choosing what we'd like each week. You sure find some great things!  I love exposing the nostalgic things to my little ones.

  24. Please keep posting  the Peter Wheat stories.  My son really enjoys them.  Thank you very much for all the great resources you post!

  25. Thank you for all you do.  I agree with many other posters that you should continue to offer them, whether everyone likes them or not.  I haven't finished the first one with my daughter, but as they all love to read the comics and I know you prescreen, I am sure we will finish soon.  These cause me less concern than the Sunday comics that my kids seem to think they should read.  Please continue to post them and if you don't mind, give us a taste of any thing that might be questionable to some in your little blurb under the link. 
    I truly appreciate all your work and your resourcefulness on finding us resources that may be of great benefit or just fun.  Thanks again for all you don.O

  26. My girls have enjoyed them – I like all the vintage offerings.  As others have said we have a choice to download or not – some I do and some I don't.  I have learnt that just because something is free dosen't mean I need it 🙂  that been said I do appreciate all the things you find for us.  Keep up the great work.

  27. I think you should keep posting these. They are very cute and its interesting to see what my mother use to read when she was a child.  I feel that everyone has the choice whether they download the days resource or not.  Keep up the good work.  And thanks a bunch.

  28. We enjoy the Peter Wheat comics.  It is nice to be able to pick and choose – I download EVERYTHING you put out – then we pick and choose when and if we give it to our children. 
    Thank you for all of your hard work and digging.  It takes alot of time – we really appreciate it.

  29. I used to get these as a kid from the Peter Wheat Bakery in Joliet, Illinois.  Loved 'em
    then, am delighted to be able to pass them on to my grandchildren.

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