The Arithmetic Primer

Today we have this excellent vintage arithmetic primer by Frank Hall for grades 1 and 2, outlining two full years of concepts, lessons and examples for younger students.

From the introduction:

The Primer of Arithmetic is not made up mainly of graded miscellaneous problems. It is built on a plan. Each four-page group constitutes the larger unit of the plan. Twenty-seven presentations of this gradually changing unit make up the book. In the first eleven groups the page units are as follows:
1st page – New number facts
2nd page – Number facts applied to linear measurements
3rd page – Number facts applied to surface measurements
4th page – The “Elementary Spiral” (a problem in each of the five fundamental processes), followed by miscellaneous problems
In the remainder of the book, the 1st and 4th pages of each group are similar to the corresponding pages of the first eleven groups. The 2nd page teaches the application of primary facts to the larger numbers. The 3rd page deals with solid, surface, linear, and capacity measurements.

Great guide for introducing arithmetic to primary students!

To download this PDF scanned from the original text, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save link” to your computer. Mac users, press the “control” key then click the link and save to your Mac.

4 thoughts on “The Arithmetic Primer

  1. We have been using The Arithmetic Primer and Werner Arthmetic (also by Frank Hall 3-8th grades).  It has been great for our family.  It helps our hands on learner grasp the concepts and assists our number learner in applying math.  Thumbs up for Frank Hall.

  2. This book seems great! Thanks!!!! Will any other grades be posted soon, like 3th-8th? Thanks again :+)

  3. I downloaded this and am looking forward to using it this year.  Unfortunately I seem to be missing pages 33 & 34 in my download, lesson I-2 and I-3.  Could someone send me a copy of those 2 pages?  Thanks so much!  : )

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