Aug 19: Lessons from the Proverbs 31 Women for Homeschoolers

Lessons from the Proverbs 31 Women for Homeschoolers by Laurie Neumann (PDF ebook)

Today's resource is this great little ebook by Laurie Neumann of Christian Home Business Connection on lessons that can be learned from this biblical example in running your home, homeschool & business. Good stuff... check it out!

Click here for today's resource!

2 Thoughts.

  1. Looking forward to reading Lessons from the Proverbs 31 Woman… I printed it off to read while waiting to pick up my son from classes this morning… I just noticed that the Scripture verses and signature on some of the pages look like hieroglyphics… I don't have time to reprint right now, but I wondered if anyone else had this happen… or if it is some malfunction of my printer programming… ??  Laurie's site looks great too… looking forward to 'discovering' when the school start ups are complete this week… Have an awesome week/weekend!

  2. It sounds like you need to turn on local fonts.  With your document open, click on "Edit" then "Preferences" then under "Rendering" be sure that the box nex to "Use local fonts" is checked.  Sometimes if it's checked but not working you can uncheck it and the go back in and check it again and it will work.  Hope this helps!

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