For the Love of Laundry

"For the Love of Laundry" (PDF ebook)

Today we're featuring this extremely helpful, full-length color homemaking lesson from The Homemaker's Mentor (normally $4.95 on their site). Does doing the laundry sometimes seem overwhelming to you? Fear not: In this guide you'll learn to take control of your laundry chores, learn how to properly iron your man's dress shirt, find plans to build a backyard country clothesline, a homemade recipe for pre-soak that gets out even tough baby stains, and lots more!

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6 Thoughts.

  1. Thank you for this free article, I really enjoyed it and will definately try these laundry helps. I am encouraged to see that women are still ironing their husband’s shirts, and have found it to be an honor.

  2. Fab,great, thanks! I did my flylady cleaning today and this was relaxing to read during my break from cleaning, I will be taking this advice to heart.

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