Bible Curriculum from Mission Arlington

Bible Study Curriculum from Mission Arlington
This Texas based urban ministry has an extensive library of downloadable Bible curriculum materials, including Old Testament, The Life of Christ, summer studies, and much more. We have not reviewed all the materials on the site, but the lessons we looked at are very well scripted and include lots of Q&A, activities and handouts, and would work well in a homeschool environment.  From the website:
We discovered early on that much of the curriculum written for the church was developed with the “already churched person” in mind. Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex Curriculum is written specifically for the unchurched child, teenager, and adult.
“This wonderful resource has free creative ideas for children’s bible studies as well as a few for adults.  I look forward to adding these to our study and hope others enjoy them as well.” – Submitted by Jeniver Boyer
Click here to go to their download site!

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  1. So happy to see this resource! I worked at Mission Arlington using their curriculum in Bible Club more than 10 years ago! Thank you for reminding me that it is on-line!!!

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