Bonus: Embrace Life

We loved this great commercial from the UK advocating using your seat belt… it may even make you cry, it is so good. Check it out!


16 thoughts on “Bonus: Embrace Life

  1. Yeah….I teared up and I am not that easily moved either….so awesome I posted it to my FB and my MySpace! This should be a required commerical here in the states! So much more effective and uplifting than warnings via carnage etc…

  2. My whole family loved this (though the little guy did wonder why mommy had tears in her eyes)!  Thanks!

  3. WOW!!
    That is a tear-jerker.  Thank you so much!!  I had to share it with all my friends & family on FaceBook too.
    God Bless ya'll!

  4. My oldest daughter and I shared tears.  My two boys didn't "get it."  Pray they do before driving age!

  5. Beautiful!
    My husband was in a terrible accident 5 1/2 years ago, and wearing a seat belt saved his life!
    This definitely brought tears to my eyes!

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