Bonus: To Space in a Weather Balloon!

Here's a great science experiment/adventure for you:

This is a video from a camera attached to a weather balloon that rose into the upper stratosphere and recorded the blackness of space. Woohoo!


21 thoughts on “Bonus: To Space in a Weather Balloon!

  1. thank you. that was really interesting and looked like a fun school project. the vastness of space……HE is awesome.

  2. This is amazing work. My daughter and I enjoyed this video of the weather balloon. Thanks for sharing this video with us all and for all the hard, researched, and well planned work you put into this. I give you all the highest grade imaginable! Great job!!!
    Cindy and Jaimie

  3. This was AWESOME. Talk about HANDS ON LEARNING!!!! Those children will NEVER FORGET THAT!. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thank you for sharing your space craft experiment.  It was really amazing to see the earth, it's cloud cover, the sun in the distance, the blackness of space….. wow!  How small we are and how great is our God!

  5. This was very cool.
    We all enjoyed watching it and the whole process.
    CONGRATS on the successful launch, recording, and retrieval.

  6. So very cool!  It was incredible to think that they actually succeeded in sending that camera into space and were able to successfully retrieve it, too!  Kudos on an extremely awesome experiment!

  7. The vastness of God's creation never ceases to take my breath away. The video was like a super cool, virtual rollercoaster ride! This was a brilliant idea. You may have a young astronaut on your hands! This experiment was an excellent way to encourage learning and exploration. You Rock!

  8. A fantasic Experiment and great for Richard our specialist with all sorts of experiments (his favorite homeschooling subject).
    Thanks for sharing this video with us!
    the Kaesermann familly

  9. That is awesome, says my 10 year old.  Awesome, neat, says my 8 year old.  Absolutely incredible says I!

  10. It was interesting to see not only that the kids loved it, but the parents too.
    Having fun with our kids and educating them at the same time!  A Win, Win
    for any family!  Thank you for sharing!

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