Boys and Manners – Special Kindle Edition!


BOYS AND MANNERS is an exclusive THREE PART Kindle-format ebook compilation containing a wealth of tools & ideas to help guide you in your ongoing quest to instill better manners into your Boys… and at the same time help them understand the true reasons why "good manners" are so vitally important,  right now and for their future.

The three parts of this kindle compilation are:
PART ONE: 104 Important Things Your Boys Need to Know: A Guide to Boys and Manners
PART TWO: Teaching Boys Manners: Parents Share Their BestTips and Strategies
PART THREE: The Rules of the House: Parents Share Their Most Important Household Manners

To get this KINDLE FORMAT resource, go TO THIS PAGE on

UPDATE: This resource is no longer free, but costs $2.99. Sorry if you missed it!

Tip: Don't have a kindle? You know, you can still read kindle ebooks on your computer using Amazon's free kindle reader program. Just go to Amazon and type in "kindle reader for PC" or "kindle reader for Mac". You can then use that program on your computer to read this kindle ebook and any other freebie kindle ebooks you pick up here or elsewhere in the future!

41 thoughts on “Boys and Manners – Special Kindle Edition!

  1. Would love to have this ebook with four boys, but I’m from the Netherlands and can’t order ebooks from abroad.
    Is there an other way?

  2. I’m super excited about this – thank you! I will look over this tonight and leave a review for the extra thank you gift… I want to try to “teach” a manners class for a homeschool co-op for boys, and I have no idea where to start! I hope your ebook and info help!

  3. I was really looking forward to this. But, I have B&N Nook which is not kindle compatible. Any suggestions to get around this?

  4. I will tell my friends about this!

    I would LOVE this resource , but have no Kindle.
    Any possibility I could get it as a PDF file?

  5. Non-kindle owners, you can download Amazon’s free kindle reader program for your computer. No other freebie version available right now, sorry!

    Thanks for all the reviews and kind word so far!

  6. Looks great, but seems like it isn’t available in New Zealand. Says it costs $2.99 not a free download.

    I use Kindle for PC on my computer – it’s great if you don’t have an actual eReader

  7. No matter what I type into the search at Amazon, I can’t seem to find the Amazon free kindle reader program for mac.

  8. I would love a copy of this having 3 young boys but it is not a freebee for me here in New Zealand. Does anyone know if I did by a kindle could I download free e-books being a non US resident

  9. I left a review on Amazon under LetUsRead. (I couldn’t email any other way to let you know so that I could get the extra freebies — need all the help I can get! :))

  10. Hi Melanie. I think it’s the location not the device that is the issue. I use Kindle for PC on my computer and I have quite a few books on it, but some are unavailable for us here in New Zealand – I think it is because we are part of the AsiaPacific region and therefore a piracy risk 😉

  11. I found a way to convert it to an epub for the Nook (using Calibre) and it was well worth it. Thanks. I’m going over to Amazon to review it now.

  12. It is now Wednesday evening in Jamaica and the book is currently listed for $4.99. Is that because I’m ‘International’?

  13. Here is the review I left for you. 🙂

    This is how your review will appear:

    5.0 out of 5 stars Gentlemen were once boys who were taught manners, April 4, 2012
    mrs bookworm “mrs bookworm” – See all my reviews
    This review is from: Boys and Manners: 104 Things Your Boys NEED to Know (Kindle Edition)
    This book has great ideas for teaching boys manners. Yes it is imperative that boys learn manners. I’m pleased with great books that help me teach my boys manners. 🙂

  14. wrote a review on amazon, but couldn’t let you know via email. User name momof4boyz. thanks for the great resource

  15. Unable to get the book to download into my tablet or onto my computer. Please advise because I would like to receive this material, but can’t. Is there any other way? Thanks!

  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have 4 young boys that I want to grow into gentlemen

  17. Thanks for making this available. I left a review on Amazon under my name, Charlene Brower.

  18. I am very excited about this book, it is wonderful, thank you so much! I left a review on Amazon, user name Idaho Hunter, and I believe my subject was “wonderful guidance in this book.”

  19. Thank you so much for such an amazing resource. I have four boys and I am always looking for ways to teach them how to be the best ‘young men’ possible.

  20. Is this resource only available to those living in the USA?

    The book is $4.99 and not available free. (I am in South Africa)

    Please advise. Many thanks. Bev

  21. hi, thanks for making this available. BUT it’s listed at $3.75 for switzerland. 🙁 i’d love to get it! it’s only morning, so i’m hoping that you could make change that price for me before tonight?

  22. I have been searching for a resource such as this for quite some time and was super-excited when I saw it offered, but here in South Africa it’s showing as $4.99 on Amazon and no freebie. Heeellpp!?

  23. Hello! I’m a homeschooling mom of two boys. I also want to avail of this Kindle book but it seems not available in the Philippines. I’m using Kindle for PC.

  24. I WAS able to get this in Canada! It might be because I have an account (in addition to my account) but it still has only a Canadian address on it (which has caused problems on other orders), so I was really surprised!
    Thanks for this resource – I’m looking forward to reading it -and using it- with our 5 boys! 🙂

  25. too bad that once again, we outside-the-us-ers are left aside from a freebie. 🙁 thanks anyway for your freebies.

  26. It was VERY DIFFICULT to download the app to my iPhone. I had to register my device (didn’t like doing that, I enjoy my privacy) then I could not get the app to communicate with Amazon!! I’m sure it’s a great book. Just not worth all the techincal frustration. Is there a way you could put up a pdf file for those of us that don’t own a reader? I know I could use my iphone, but honestly I get eye strain from having to read the microscopic text. Thanks.

  27. I am still definitely interested in the other resources associated with this wonderful book. Thank you.

  28. S,

    “Once again…?”

    This is the only time I can remember that one of our freebies has not been available outside the US. And that is only due to the vagaries of Amazon.

  29. Here’s yet another vagarity that poses a problem: I have UBUNTU not Windows, etc. So far as I’ve been able to discern, the Kindle app. is not compatible and therefore I cannot download it to read your book.
    Any ideas of how to work through this difficulty?
    Sorry to throw yet another technical difficulty your way!
    Our family has MUCH appreciated the MANY FREE resources you offer!!
    by HIS grace alone, HveHope

  30. By the way, I just sent the following e-mail to Amazon (hopefully they will send me the correct info). 🙂


    I have UBUNTU, not Windows etc.
    How can I download the Kindle reader for my computer (I do not have a Kindle and want to read Boys and Manners – Special Kindle Edition!).

    Do I need to download this first?
    Amazon MP3 Downloader
    The Amazon MP3 Downloader is software you’ll use along with the Amazon MP3 Store and Amazon Cloud Player to manage your music. The Downloader is a piece of software that streamlines the process of downloading by enabling you to download entire albums or playlists and automatically import them into iTunes or Windows Media Player.

    Could you send me to the page or button that will allow me to download the Kindle Reader app so I can read Kindle books on my computer? (a confused techo-phyte).

    THANK YOU very much!
    By HIS grace alone,

  31. Thank you so very much for the wonderful gift of this ebook!
    I live in Canada and had no problem having it delivered to my Kindle for PC.
    Even though my children are now grown, my grandchildren (both under 5) will benefit from the wisdom and much needed guidance that this book offers.
    Thank you once again dear Erskine family for everything that you have gifted to us since I joined!. Have a joyous Easter! 🙂

  32. It’s so hard to find books on manners, let alone manners for boys. Thanks! Most of these lessons can apply to girls too, but do you have any intention of writing a girls book on manners? If not, any suggested reading?

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