Artful Science & Other Collections has a neat directory of art themed crafts and activities for kids, including artistic science experiments, creative drawing ideas, collage making, 3-D sculpture art, and more. Lots of great hands-on project ideas here!

Suggested by Freebie Finder Rhonda Varkey, who comments: “This site has several ideas for science and art. It’s best for little ones.”

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Mathematics Enhancement Programme

The Mathematics Enhancement Programme is a complete K-12 math curriculum from The Centre of Mathematics Innovation that was developed in 1995 to address the dreadfully poor state of mathematics instruction in the UK. It is designed specifically to produce students who are firmly grounded in basic principles and who  know how to use them. Each year’s curriculum is freely available as downloadable PDF student texts, teacher texts and workbooks. Looks great!

Submitted by Freebie Finder Tanya Button, who commented: “This is a free Math curriculum that will take you from K through 12. It is British based, and takes a spiral approach. I have been using it for two years now, and my daughters has an amazing level of math knowledge and a great enthusiasm for math.”

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Amazing Dinosaur Mazes offers dozens and dozens of collections of easy (and not-so-easy) mazes that you can print out for your kids. These come in handy downloadable PDF ebooks containing 12 mazes per ebook and include collections of geometric shaped mazes, animal shaped mazes, and yes, even Dinosaur shaped mazes. These are great “thinking puzzles” that keep young hands busy for extended periods of time.

Submitted by Freebie Finder Stan Wright, who commented: “He even has ebooks full of only Dinosaur shaped mazes! It doesn’t get any better than that!”

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Tip: Elsewhere on the site you can also find free sudoko and logic puzzles. All free.


Music Education Resources from Carnegie Hall

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Here’s a great collection of educational materials from the Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall, including a digital library of lesson plans, worksheets, audio and video resources, and interactive listening guides. Also on the site are interactive games and videos, including a terrific game version of Benjamin Britten’s “The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra“! Highly recommended!

This resource was submitted by Freebie Finder Roseann Johnson, who commented:

“There are four interactive links on this page.  I have not explored them all but my favorite is the Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.  This interactive game teaches about each instrument in Britten’s Young Person’s guide.  It teaches about pitch, how low and high pitches are made, the shape of instruments, what materials make the instruments, the sounds and range of each instrument, the names of each part of the instruments, where they sit in the orchestra, and so much more!  It reviews concepts over and over again so the kids really learn and retain the information. “

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Inside Birding

Today’s Freebie was suggested by Laura Cheng-Guajardo, who writes:

“Cornell’s website on birds is great.  We have been studying birds with the kids and Cornell has birding tutorial videos, samples of bird songs, instructions on building bird houses, and tons more information.  The kids have really gotten excited about birding and we love it!”

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Also visit their sister site:

Inside Birding is a delightful new video series from the Cornell Ornithology Lab designed to provide beginning birders with the info they need to improve their skills and make their bird-watching experiences more rewarding. The very affable hosts go out in the field to share techniques, tools and tips, and the series emphasizes  simple observation and field experience over memorization. Each 10 minute episode is beautifully done, and makes the whole subject very appealing. PERFECT for homeschoolers!

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Reading Bear

Reading Bear is an easy-to-use, engaging site that uses simple (and entertaining) interactive lessons to  teach beginning readers to read. They teach over 1,200 vocabulary items and offer 50 interactive presentations that cover all the main phonics rules. You can create an account and watch what sounds your child has mastered, or can use the site without creating an account. This well-designed site is a great resource for littles just starting out learning how to read.

Submitted by Shana

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Mapping History

This neat collection of interactive historical maps of American history, Latin American history, African history and European history was developed by the University of Oregon. As explained on the site, it is “…designed to provide interactive and animated representations of fundamental historical problems and/or illustrations of historical events, demonstrations, and dynamics.”

This is an excellent history and geography resources that helps your kids visualize the many historical changes in colonization, government and influence of countries throughout the history of these regions.

Freebie Find submitted by Shana

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Pest World for Kids

Pest World for Kids

What are “pests”? Think of them as animals out of place. Out in nature, they’re just doing their jobs. But when they move into our homes and yards, then we call them pests. On this fun and educational site, your kids can explore the world of pests via interactive lessons, crafts, videos and much more. Lots of interesting freebie kid-friendly resources here!

- This Freebie Find was submitted by Shana, who says of it: “This site has pictures of various pests and information about them. It has lesson plans, games, and even science fair kits!”

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Fun & Games with NASA

NASA provides several really neat “learning games” that you may freely download to your own computer and use in your homeschool studies. Included in these games are:

Foil Sim:  FoilSim II computes the theoretical lift of a variety of airfoil shapes. The user can control the shape, size, and inclination of the airfoil and the atmospheric conditions in which the airfoil is flying. The program includes a stall model for the airfoil, a model of the Martian atmosphere, and the ability to specify a variety of fluids for lift comparisons. The program has graphical and numerical output, including an interactive probe which you can use to investigate the details of flow around an airfoil.

CurveBall: Using the CurveBall applet, students learn more about aerodynamics by controlling the conditions of a big league baseball pitch. You can vary the speed of the pitch, the spin on the ball, the release point, and the location of the stadium which affects the atmospheric conditions and the amount of curve on the ball. The program will compute balls and strikes and tells you how far your pitch passes the center of the plate .

RocketModeler: This program lets you design and study the flight of a model rocket. You can vary the size of the rocket, the number of fins, and the materials used to construct the rocket. You can choose from a variety of available model rocket engines and test fly your rocket on the computer. The program computes the stability of your design and the flight trajectory. Output includes the maximum altitude which the rocket achieves. You can then compare the computed and actual performance of your model rocket.

KiteModeler: This program lets you design and study the flight of a kite. You can select from five different types of kites and then vary the length, width and types of materials used to construct the kite. You then trim the kite by setting the length of the bridle and tail and the position of the knot attaching the control line to the bridle. Finally, you test fly your kite on the computer by setting the wind speed and the length of control line. The program computes the aerodynamic forces, weight, and stability of your design and the shape of the control line as it sags under its own weight. Output includes the maximum altitude which the kite achieves. You can then compare the computed and actual performance of your kite design.

Atmosphere Applet: This program lets you study how pressure, temperature, and density change through the atmosphere. You can study the atmosphere of the Earth or of Mars. Since speed of sound depends on the atmospheric gas and the temperature, you can also output the local speed of sound and the Mach number for a selected aircraft velocity. You can either input a selected altitude, or change altitude using an aircraft slider.

The site offers several other interactive games as well, all with teacher guides & review lessons. Great technical science fun!

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Children of Ancient Rome

Children of Ancient Rome (PDF ebook)

Classic story/history book set in the early years of ancient Rome, providing a fascinating view of that civilization’s early history, through the eyes of children growing up in that historic era. A fascinating mix of Roman history, legends and lore… really makes ancient Roman history come alive.

To download this PDF ebook, RIGHT CLICK HERE then “save link” to your computer. Mac users, press the “control” key then click the link and save to your mac.