Mr. President: Do or Diet!

Mr. President: Do or Diet! (mp3 audio)

“Mr. President… at home in the White House — the elected leader of our people, our fellow citizen and neighbor. These are little-known stories of the men who have lived in the White House — dramatic, exciting events in their lives that you and I so rarely hear…”

Today,  in conjunction with the upcoming presidential election here in the US of A, we continue our series of classic “Mr. President” radio dramas. In this week’s episode, Mr. President finds that managing the White House is sometimes even more difficult than managing matters of state, let alone the equally difficult problem of his own weight! I suspect you might already know, but listen to the story and see if your kids can figure out who this particular “Mr. President” is!

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The Practical High School Speller

What are the “problem words” that are most commonly misspelled by the average high school pupil – as well as adults? Well, it hasn’t changed much over the years:
believe… and so on.
100 years ago, the author sent two thousand letters were sent to representative high schools in every state in the United States, requesting the heads of the various departments to report the words most commonly misspelled in their classes. From the many thousand replies, this text-book has been compiled. This is a GREAT compilation of tough spelling words, IN CURSIVE, with examples of how each is used in a phrase or sentence to boot! Invaluable spelling guide for older students!
NOTE: This PDF is a scanned copy of the original book, and is best viewed on a computer screen. It won’t work on a phone or small portable device.
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Tin Whistle Lessons and Resources

Brandy Ferrell at Half a Hundred Acre Wood has compiled an amazing collection of links all about learning to play the tin whistle / penny whistle and learn much about music theory and rhythm in the process.

Included in her post are are video lessons, tutorials, music theory lesson plans, printable notes and visual aids, and much, much more. (Tip: The first lesson on teaching little kids to play the tin whistle by the Blanchette Trio is worth it’s weight in gold.) Highly recommended if you are thinking about incorporating tin whistles into your homeschooling.

Click here to go to their Tin Whistle resource page!

Hooked On Science

Jason (“Mr. Science”) Lindsey’s Hooked on Science website offers a great archive of short, educational science demonstration videos, plus an archive of PDF experiments,  worksheets and a “Spooky Science Guide” with some fun experiments for the Halloween season.

These are lots of fun, and Jason is an enthusiastic and entertaining host on the videos. Your kids will really enjoy these!

Click here to go to the site.



Mr. President Gets Fit

Mr. President Gets Fit (mp3 audio)

Since the Presidential election is in full gear all around us, we thought we’d take this teachable season to look back at some of the previous residents of our White House, and tune in some of their true-life adventures. Are you game? Let’s do it!

“Mr. President” was a wonderful old time radio program which dramatized little known but fascinating stories of those great men. Frankly, most kids don’t know much more about these past Presidents other than their name, approximate dates, and one or two general facts about their presidency. To most young people today (and us older folks too!), they are just a bunch of funny looking, musty, bewhiskered, hopelessly outdated “old dead guys”. But listening to these classic programs breathes a little life back into this part of our American history and heritage.

In this week’s episode, we find that this “Mr. President” is an avid hiker and fitness enthusiast — and one day he realizes that most everyone else around him in the government is woefully out of shape. So he begins his crusade to promote physical fitness… a program that continues to this very day. Who was this “Mr. President”? Listen to the story and pay attention to the clues and see if you can guess before his identity is revealed at the end of the program. 30 minute mp3 audio (download size: 7 megs)

To download this mp3 audio program, RIGHT CLICK HERE then save to your computer. Mac users, press the “control” key then click the link and save to your computer.