Old Christmas

Old Christmas by Washington Irving

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This delightful description of the old fashioned celebration of Christmas in England in the late 1700s is taken from Irving’s book “The Sketch Book” by the early American journalist, Washington Irving. This is a vivid, rich narrative of how a “Merry Christmas” was celebrated and honored in olden times. A wonderfully evocative and atmospheric “old fashioned” narrative that you will treasure!

Old Christmas, Chapter 1

Old Christmas, Chapter 2

Old Christmas, Chapter 3

Old Christmas, Chapter 4

Old Christmas, Chapter 5
Old Christmas (PDF ebook)

Christmas Comics by Walt Scott


Here are two great issues of these classic Christmas comic books by cartoonist Walt Scott. These are filled with great stories of woodland creatures & elves celebrating Christmas, and also have several true accounts of how some classic Christmas carols were written. Very different, very well illustrated, and great light holiday reading material for little ones! Enjoy!

To download Issue #1, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save” to your computer.

To download Issue #2, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save” to your computer.

Charles Dickens’ OTHER Christmas Story

THE HAUNTED MAN by Charles Dickens (PDF ebook)

“Some say that Charles Dickens invented Christmas as we know it. At least, that A Christmas Carol rescued the celebration from post-Cromwell piety and prompted the Victorians to introduce many of the traditions that we have come to cherish: the tree, the presents, the holly and the ivy, etc. A little less well known is the fact that A Christmas Carol rescued Dickens’ career as well, proving so popular that he would go on to write four more Christmas novellas, three of which had supernatural elements but only one of which was an out-and-out ghost story a la A Christmas Carol.” This is that book.

Read more about this wonderful short Christmas-time book here at the Mockingbird blog.

To download “The Haunted Man”, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save” the PDF to your computer.

Holiday Video: I’m Gettin’ Nuttin’ for Christmas

Okay, if you liked Larry Rapchak’s rendition of the Mel Blanc Christmas song a couple of posts back, you’re gonna love this video interpretation of Stan Freberg’s 1955 classic song “I’m Gettin’ Nuttin’ for Christmas” — featuring probably the most obnoxious yet hilarious 8 year old ever. This is a hoot! Thanks, Larry! (Oh, did I mention that Larry is also the music director for the Northbrook Symphony Orchestra?)