Child’s Own Book of Great Musicians – 10 of them! + Audio too!

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-11-40-55-amThe CHILD’S OWN BOOK OF GREAT MUSICIANS – ALL 10 VOLUMES! (ebooks & mp3 audios)

Back by popular demand!

Audiobook reader Kara Shallenberg narrated this well done audiobook compilation of 10 volumes of the “Child’s Own Book of Great Musicians” series. These are ten short, entertaining, informative picture-book biographies of famous composers written by Thomas Tapper. Each book tells about the childhood and great achievements of a composer, and includes a short musical example.

Here’s Kara’s mp3 audio reading of the ten books in the series in .zip format. RIGHT CLICK HERE to download it, then “save” to your computer.

Or you can click here and go to the Librivox page that has each 10 minute reading downloadable individually.

…and here are links to the online texts so you can read along and look at the pictures:





66 thoughts on “Child’s Own Book of Great Musicians – 10 of them! + Audio too!

  1. Awesome one!!
    thanks a ton, i have been wondering how to introduce composers without going too much in depth yet.. this will be perfect!

  2. Thank you for a wonderful way to begin music appreciation. What wonderful finds. The audio file paired with the reading will be a boon for those need to hear and see the words.

  3. Thank you oh so much. This freebie is great. i have been subscribed for a few years now and am a great fan. I also own just about all of your collections. Thank you for being a wonderful asset to our homeschool.

  4. You continue to out-do yourself! Blessings on your precious family and thanks again for all you do. My whole life is richer because of the many websites and blogs you have led me to!

  5. Thank you so much… I am working on putting together a series of classical music lessons for my children !! These are wonderful resources !!

  6. Thanks for this great freebie! I belong to a site that offers information about Great Composers and have picked up some great records our local library was selling for just 25 cents a piece so, with this freebie, I'm ready to introduce our son to the composers starting next month! Hopefully, he will have my love of great composers and enjoy some beautiful music compared to today's loud, rowdy stuff.

  7. I am having trouble downloading this.  It keeps telling me website cannot be found.  I had the same trouble when I tried to download them individually.  Thanks for the help.

  8. Deborah, it is on your end. These links are to two separate sites. Refresh your browser or clear your browser cache and try again.

  9. It is working now! Thanks for such a great resource.  My girls love these composers.  We got cassette tapes of them all from Christian Book several years ago for 5 cents each.  What a bargain!  I am going to give this to them for Christmas.  They will be thrilled to learn more about each one.

  10. Thank you!  This is perfect timing, as we are attending a presentation of Handel's Messiah in a week.

  11. I have been waiting for something like this for our homeschool for some time! Thank you! I really get so much from this site! Actually our whole family enjoys the benefits!

  12. I have been thinking of beginning Composers studies into our homeschool and these resources are just the thing.  We have been so blessed by your amazing resources!  Your family is in our prayers. 

  13. Thanks so much for finding (or encouraging) this gem.  We use Librovox all of the time in our homeschooling but many times it is easy to overlook such wonderful resources as this if you do not have a definitive title in mind. Great work!

  14. thank you so much for all the legwork you do on our behalf. Your hard work is VERY much appreciated. awesome stuff!

  15. Yay!!! I’ve been wanting to introduce music composers to my children — we’re new to homeschooling– this will give us a great start, thank you!!!

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