Chronicles of Narnia – Complete Audiobook Series

The COMPLETE Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis – read by Chrissi Hart (Audiobooks)

By request, we’re bringing back this amazing treasure for you:

It’s the COMPLETE seven book Narnia series by C. S. Lewis, in audiobook format. These programs were originally recorded for broadcast on the Ancient Faith Internet Radio station (which we occasionally listen to and enjoy – especially their music station). The reader is Chrissi Hart, who has a lovely British accent just perfect for these readings.

Between the seven books in the series, there’s almost 50 hours of listening here! Wonderful for family or bedtime listening… bookmark this site and enjoy this incredible treasury of some of the best children’s books ever!

Click here to go to the listening page for THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA! Note:  These readings are only available in streaming format on the site.


24 Thoughts.

  1. I am finding these resources especially difficult to access. It sends me to big lists of items and I’m not sure what or how to download some of them x

  2. Terri, there ARE a lot of files on this site. It is an abundance of treasures, to be sure.

    You can bookmark the site and listen to the audiobooks in order by streaming them to your computer, but again the only way to download them is to click on the iTunes button and then download all the files to your iTunes. That would be the easiest way to keep track of all of these.

  3. I do not see an option for downloading to itunes. If they are only free today will I be able to access the bookmark to stream free in the future?

  4. Laurie, This site should be available indefinitely, so click through and then bookmark it. There should be an iTunes button on the right hand side of the page, is it not showing for you?

  5. I was able to download all of the itunes, except for The Last Battle, Chapter 16/Conclusion. Is there a way to download just this section now that I have all the rest of them?

  6. The iTunes link is there but it doesn’t go directly to the podcasts. So I searched iTunes and found the Readings from Under the Grapevine podcasts but no Narnia.

  7. How am I supposed to download it? I am a subscriber, but I don’t see any link to download the books.

  8. Kristina, as mentioned in our post, the ONLY way to download these is via iTunes. You have to have the iTunes program on your computer or device before downloading them.

  9. Jennifer, the iTunes link does go to the Narnia podcasts. They are separate from her Under the Grapevine podcasts. Click the iTunes button, and allow it to open your iTunes. It should then subscribe you to the Narnia podcast, and once you go there on your iTunes you can download the podcasts.

  10. I tried to access the podcasts thru the iTunes link on the right side of the page but couldn’t. The error message says the address is invalid. I would love to have access to these but can’t afford to stay up late to repeatedly try the link. Has there been a problem? Would I be able to try accessing them again tomorrow?

  11. Pati, link is in 4th paragraph: “Click here to go to the listening page for THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA”

  12. Lisa, link is in 4th paragraph: “Click here to go to the listening page for THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA”

  13. Kymberly, their link seems to be fine. Be sure you have enabled scripts on your browser… your settings may be preventing you from seeing the iTunes button on the right hand side of the page.

  14. Thanks! If you can only see Ch. 15 of The Last Battle, click to the right of “unplayed” tab on the “Feed” tab and the other books and chapters will be listed.

  15. FYI…From the “listening page”, there is a RSS link to the right (under the iTunes link). This link will list all chapters in mp3 format. With a free podcast app like “Juice”, you can subscribe to the RSS within the app and download all mp3s with one click.

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  17. As suggested above, using the RSS link works, but the very last file (The Last Battle – Ch. 16/Conclusion) isn’t included in that for some reason. To get the last file, you have to navigate to that section on the “listening page” and then choose the “Direct link – Play in browser” option. Once the file starts playing, you can right-click and choose “Save audio as.” (And you can do that for each section and bypass the RSS link altogether, if you wish.)

  18. I was able to get The Last Battle, Chapter 16/conclusion thanks to everyone’s comments. I am having trouble downloading Lion, Witch and Wardrobe 1 & 2, which is the first one. The iTunes file will not work, the Direct Play feature will not play. I cannot send feedback to the site, as I hit ‘send’ and it says there are errors on the page. I wonder if any of you have figured it out?

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