More Christmas with Mother Goose!

MORE Christmas with Mother Goose! (PDF e-comic book)

This year we found yet another delightful vintage collection of Christmas comic book stories for young at heart readers of all ages, by the incomparable Walt Kelly! These feature Mother Goose characters and of course good ol’ Santa in some truly classic children’s comics and poems – very funny and well written, with some of the best artwork ever done for young children’s comics. This is “just for fun” stuff your kids will adore. And if you want some educational value from it, check out the “months of the year” story for little ones learning just that. Don’t miss it!

RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save” to your computer. Mac users, press the “control” key and click the link, and save to your mac!


18 Thoughts.

  1. We love it, just like lot's of your resources. Thanks so much! Yes please, we'd like more comics. They make learning to read fun. As I often do, I promoted this resource and your site on my blog for you. :) Merry Christmas to your wonderful family!

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