Build-Your-Own Marshmallow Guns

One of our kids’ favorite toys growing up were their homemade marshmallow guns. They had wars all over our back yard, the woods, and indoors with these crazy things. These are great fun, more-or-less safe (I’d suggest sunglasses for eye protection from flying marshmallows), and an inexpensive do-it-yourself project. These are the same PVC toys that are sold online and in some stores for $8-$12.


Blogger TennZen from Tennessee recently posted some very good, detailed instructions for building these right here. (Be sure to also check out other posts on her blog for several additional “holidays on a budget” ideas. There are some good ones there!)

Next, here is a funny downloadable PDF from that also shows how these are built. Click here

These are fun projects for your kids to make, and great gifts too, as long as you are patient and adventurous enough to handle miniature marshmallows flying all around the house and yard. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Build-Your-Own Marshmallow Guns

  1. I noticed that the dimensions in the video and the ones from the other website are slightly different. Did you experiment and find your sizes better somehow? Longer range? More accurate? More comfortable? Just wondering so I can find what will work best for my children. Thanks.

  2. The dimensions we used in the video work great… and the resulting toy gun was easy to hold. we haven’t tried the alternate version. I’m assuming that they work pretty much the same, as the main gist of it is to blow the marshmallow out the end of the tube. As long as everything else is capped off tight, you can have variations in the lengths of pieces.

    I’m telling you, kids LOVE these.

    – Jim E

  3. This was great!! We spent $20 at the hardware store and made enough shooters to keep 4 boys, 2 girls and one dad having fun for hours(mom had to insist everyone clean up and come in! LOL Best $20 ever spent!
    Thanks Homeschool Freebie!
    Awesome job as usual!!

  4. When I went to purchase the parts, they said that I was the fourth one in to purchase for this purpose on the same day.
    I didn’t realize so many in my area were on your email list.
    My 3yo loves these and has found that corn puff cereal also works without the stickiness that comes with holding marshmallows. LOL.

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