The Nativity – Audio Stories

Today we have for you some great audio stories from the radio program GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD, together telling the story of the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. Each of these half hour audio dramatizations focus on a different aspect of the Nativity story — granted, with a bit of dramatic license — but all are excellent, thought-provoking tales that are largely grounded in the Bible narrative. Great listening in anticipation of Christmas Day.

Go And Be Counted

No Room at the Inn

Flight into Egypt

And here’s another wonderful story that captures the spirit of Christmas, based on the great book by Henry Van Dyke:

The Fourth Wise Man

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  1. Thank you  so much for restoring the age of innocence, while delightfully educating our youth. It is a breath of fresh air in today's modern technological society to know that Jesus still reigns supreme. Bless you Home School Freebie. You are like family.

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