Grammar Land – the Audiobook!

Grammar Land: Or Grammar In Fun for the Children of Schoolroom-Shire, by M. L. Nesbitt (PDF ebook)

Now with AUDIOBOOK version too!

In this classic read aloud book, author Nesbitt creates an amazing fantasy land not unlike “Alice In Wonderland”, where the citizens are the nine parts of speech, and all are governed by the stern but wise old Judge Grammar. It’s a fun, fascinating way to learn some of the basic grammar rules all the while carried along by the very memorable characters and a wild adventure to boot.

Judge Grammar is far mightier than any Fairy Queen, for he rules over real kings and queens down here in Matter-of-fact-land. Our kings and queens have all to obey Judge Grammar’s laws, or else they would talk what is called bad grammar; and then, even their own subjects would laugh at them, and would say: “Poor things!

They are funny fellows, these nine Parts-of-Speech. You will find out by-and-by which you like best amongst them all. There is rich Mr. Noun, and his useful friend Pronoun; little ragged Article, and talkative Adjective; busy Dr. Verb, and Adverb; perky Preposition, convenient Conjunction, and that tiresome Interjection, the oddest of them all.

Here’s what one of our readers recently posted about this book:

I had downloaded this book and completely forgot about it until 2 days ago. I started reading it aloud to my boys and they were completely into it. My boys are very wiggly and they usually have to have something in their hands to occupy their physical while their mental is focused on what I am reading. They were completely still…following along on the computer screen. It was one of those awesome moments that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. Thank you for finding and sharing something that is so fun and educational at the same time. What a fun way to learn parts of speech. I’ve a feeling this story will stick with them for a while. The resources you list through the week are wonderful.

To download the PDF ebook, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save” to your computer.

New Audiobook Version read by Kara Shallenberg! To go to the Librivox download page for the Grammar Land Audio files, CLICK HERE


17 thoughts on “Grammar Land – the Audiobook!

  1. We LOVED this book! We used the lapbook Operation: English Grammar by Hands of a Child to go with it and it was a perfect combination to learn grammar basics.

  2. This is a very fun story for the elementary age to learn grammar in a non-threatening, story form. It’s a little like, “The Phantom Tollbooth,” only not bizarre. 🙂

  3. I Just let the cat out of the bag-and shared this site w/loved ones and friends. Really Love the Grammarland! We Always Welcome Fun-Homeschooling! Especially during the winter months!

  4. We downloaded Grammar land last year and my boys aged 3, 5 and 10 love it, when I told my 10 yr old this morning that today’s freebie was the audiobook of it he actually shouted out loud “yippee!” he is dyslexic so loves his audiobooks as he finds reading hard work. Thanks so much, who thought a 10 yr old boy would get so excited about learning grammar?!

  5. Is there anyway to download this as a whole audio so that I can put it on my ipod?
    thanks so much for this we LOVE Grammarland!

  6. This is awesome !! We are using the book version right now… having the audio will be so cool… My kids love this and they find learning about nouns & etc.. fun.
    Thank you ♥

  7. Joy, look at the links on the left of the Librivox page, there is a zip file of all the audios in the book.

  8. This is a hilarious read as an adult who doesn’t “need” to read it. What a great piece of history.

  9. Thank you so much! My kids are loving a little break from their grammar books. Today they listened while playing with play dough. Great stuff! Keep up the wonderful work!

  10. My daughter has been using Grammar Land to introduce grammar in her 3rd grade classroom for the past 2 years. The kids love it, so does she.

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