Healthy Hydration & Project Wet

Submitted by Jennifer Bender, who writes the following description of today’s resource:
Below is a link to three unit studies on Healthy Hydration.  It targets children ages 8 to 12.  It has three classroom lessons, discussing water percentages in the human body, water balance in the body, and healthy drink choices to restore hydration.  While some of the activities call for multiple children in front of a classroom, the activities are perfectly suitable for a family to do individually or together. 
These lessons are complimentary from Project WET, Water Education for Teachers.  In addition to the above specific lessons, the Project WET homepage has a newly released children’s interactive web experience.  It includes quizzes, activities, animation, and game-like features covering the ocean, watersheds, fresh water, conservation, using water wisely, etc.  It also targets children ages 8 to 12. 
These two items excite me because my past career before children was a Water Quality Scientist.  I had a wonderful behind-the-scene knowledge of all aspects of drinking water, recycled water, the public’s perception of water, etc. and it was a passionate area that still captures my heart.  The science of water is so crucial to our survival, I would like to see more kids protecting, conserving, and really appreciating that glass of water. 
I recommend these freebies to others to instill that appreciation in their kids.  The unit studies really reach the child who prefers a hands-on, lecture style learning opportunity.  The online web experience taps into children’s quest for computer learning.  Between these two options, most students could find an aspect to relate to and learn from. 
Thanks, Jennifer!

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