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THE BIG HANDBOOK OF NATURE STUDY is a HUGE (940 pages) and absolutely wonderful teaching guide full of hundreds of nature study lessons, activities and discussion questions. It is a complete multi-year nature study curriculum that you can use for years to come. It is so big (over 100 megs in size) we had to divide it into six manageable ebooks for you. We’ve got the first two parts for you today, with the rest to come all through this week.

NOTE: These are scanned PDFs of the original printed book, so they are best viewed on a PC or Mac. They probably won’t show up on a portable device.

PART I – TEACHER’S GUIDE & OVERVIEW (PDF ebook) – In PART ONE, you get a very helpful and practical teacher’s guide, including an overview of the purpose, scope and style of the handbook… how each lesson is set up… what nature study should do for your children… how to to tie math, art, geography, gardening, agriculture & science into your nature study, and more. Each lesson begins with a “teacher’s story” which can be read to students along with suggested activities & methods, followed by great discussion questions.

To download this PDF ebook, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save as” to your computer

PART II – BIRDS & FISH (PDF ebook) – In PART TWO, we jump into the actual lessons, this time devoted to birds & fish. As you’ll quickly see, these lessons are wonderfully written, blending history, humor, a bit of poetry, and a delightful sense of wonder into these nature studies.

To download this PDF ebook, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save as” to your computer.

24 thoughts on “THE BIG HANDBOOK OF NATURE STUDY, part I & II

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for the resource. This is great!!

    I’ve tried to sign up for your RSS feed but I can’t find it! I keep forgetting until too late to pop back over here!

  2. I recently lost *all* my science resources (due to a not so smart error on my part).  I so appreciate you offering this again so I can 'restock' my files!

  3. Thank you so much for this. After reading “Pocket Full of Pinecones” I have been looking for a nature handbook! I am so excited about this!

  4. Wow!! I’m not even homeschooling yet, but I am stocking up on all this amazing stuff you post. This is an awesome resource! Thank you so much for providing these for us! I won’t need much when I do start to homeschool! :o)

  5. Caution: Buried in the 8th page of the introduction is the following sentence: “Also, it is very likely, that in teaching quite incidentally the rudiments of the principles of evolution, the results may often seem to be confused with an idea of purpose, which is quite unscientific.”
    Read this otherwise wonderful resource with caution. If your children are exposed to evolutionary terms like developed, adapted, etc. define these terms for them so they will not accept being led down the garden path.
    In the Bird book, on p 5, we read, “(c) To induce him to think for himself why the shape of the body, wings, head, beak, feet, legs and feathers are adapted in each species to protect the bird and assist it in getting its living.”

    Note it does not say “If they were adapted”, but “why they were adapted.” A common technique in evolutionary books is to have the student explain why the author’s assumptions are correct.

  6. Please pardon me for being so focused in my previous comment to other parents that I actually neglected to thank you for this and all of the excellent free products you send right to my email box. I very much appreciate your assistance and ministry to our homeschooling families.

  7. This resouce could not fit our Charlotte Mason approach any better! Thank you so much for sharing. Also thank you for leaving it on here so I could get what I missed!

  8. I have been looking everywhere for HONS available as a series of ebooks. Might they be available again sometime?

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