Homeschooling Through Hard Times AUDIO SEMINAR

Homeschooling through Hard Times
MP3 AUDIO WORKSHOP by Tammy Cardwell

Is it possible to continue homeschooling when times get tough? Absolutely! Tammy Cardwell, veteran homeschooler and the mother of two young men, weathered a variety of storms and continued the homeschool lifestyle through it all. This full-length AUDIO seminar, a great companion resource to yesterday’s ebook (still available above), will inspire and encourage any listeners going through difficult times.

To download today’s resource, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save as” to your computer!

5 thoughts on “Homeschooling Through Hard Times AUDIO SEMINAR

  1. The timing of this for me is spot on. Only yesterday I wrote on my blog how our homeschooling is changing to adapt to the way things are for me at the moment.
    I was also really pleased to hear the lady mention a hs mum who uses a wheelchair. I have had a couple of people imply or say outright that as I use a wheelchair I am only keeping the children home to take care of me!!
    Thank you for these resources.
    God bless

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  3. This is such a helpful and encouraging message, whether just starting homeschooling or have been doing it for years. I hope lots will take the time to listen to it!

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