When do you need to “just say no” to yet more homeschool “stuff”?

How much is TOO much?

What REALLY happens to you and your kids when you try to scoop up every freebie that comes your way – not just from our site, but from every Facebook page, freebie blog and stray link that crosses your path? READ THIS REPORT.


Information overload is a factor of life. At times we all get tired and stressed, and either stall out or stray from our plans due to too much information. But it isn’t enough to just know what causes information overload. You must actively guard yourself from it, and take strategic steps toward taming it and getting back on track as soon as possible. In this report, discover practical strategies for dealing with “homeschool information overload” and learn how to free up more of your precious time for what is really important in your life. MUST reading for every online homeschool mom!

To download this PDF report, RIGHT CLICK HERE then save to your computer. Mac users, press the “control” key then click the link and save to your mac.

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  1. This is beautiful, and one of your top ten of the last half year! Thank you so much.

    I do hope it will be available for longer than a day, because I plan to post it on my blog, and not everyone checks in every day.


    Annie Kate

  2. I’m really glad to see this. This reminder will do more for homeschoolers than all the resources out there. Thanks for presenting it.

  3. I think you just diagnosed my problem!! Thanks for the insight. I can’t wait to implement the suggestions!

  4. This helpful resource contains good advice for anyone who suffers from disorganization. With personal computers we can become overwhelmed by other types of information (e.g., pictures, data, videos, games), and we can become overwhelmed by other sources of information (e.g., junk mail, television, magazines, books, recipes, even the advice of friends). Thank you for offering this resource.

  5. Thanks for offering this timely resource. I think many in the homeschool community are overwhelmed with information. I know I am.

    A couple of years ago I was talking with a homeschool “pioneer,” who told me he was concerned about the current “crop” of homeschoolers. He said that when his kids were young there were few resources available and you just did the best you could with what you had. Today he said there are too many choices and he felt homeschoolers are skipping from one new thing to another because there’s always some great new product to try. He felt that maybe the current group of homeschooled kids aren’t going to be as well-educated as a result. Just a thought.

    Then there’s the whole issue of the parents frittering too much time away on the computer…

  6. Thanks for this, I really enjoyed it.

    I admit, I’ve downloaded so much free stuff from your site (and others) that I’m not even sure what I have! I’m sure that will make it hard to use. πŸ™‚

    And yeah, the leisure browsing is a time-stealer. Though I justify it by saying, “Well, I don’t watch TV, I just read every news story known to man!”

    I’ve also let my guard down a little since it’s summer – but soon enough, back to a good schedule (which everyone at my house is more comfortable with, so I don’t know why we throw it out the window for a “break”)!

  7. Ha ha! This article is too true!

    Thank you for being brave and honest enough to post it, even though it sort of shakes a finger at the very service you provide!


  8. Thanks for this resource. I have been feeling this growing sense of too much information in a lot of areas of my life and this report was helpful to me to do something about it. I recently heard someone say that we should be strategically ignorant and know a few things well, I think that applies here. I appreciate HFD because I have found some helpful resources on it but I also appreciate you promoting a resource that might seem like it goes against what you are trying to do. The problem is simply the consumer not using time and resources wisely and this happens in every area of our lives. I appreciate the many things you offer on your site.

  9. Well, I probably “wasted” some time reading it cus I actually already knew this, but I commend her and wonder why she would feel too timid to put her name on it! This is the first advice any homeschooler should be given upon deciding to homeschool.

    I love this freebies site, but I do not download everything you offer! Lol! Diff strokes for diff folks so what works for one isn’t for everyone…the key is to Know Thyself..know what you’re about before just grabbing…of course you can always grab first, decide what to keep later..it’s not a commitment!

    And yes, those so-called networking sites are huge time-wasters…I love my friends and family but do I need to know what they ate for breakfast or what “quiz” they took! Sheesh! I’d rather have one good *real* letter with a real pic in it than a bazillion status blurbs! You’re not really in touch with the computer..it’s more like bears reading markings on trees..lol…call on the phone or better yet, visit each other! It’s sad when folks are in the same town but spend more time cybering each other than actually connecting.

  10. This report is so true. Unless you happen to be a very organized, disciplined type of person you will get “information overload” at some point.

  11. This was a very good article. It is true not just for homeschooling but for other areas of life as well. It is too easy to waste time on the computer finding more and more information–I have always been an information junkie.

    Thanks for reminding me that this was here for me to download–Now to get at the important tasks and get OFF of the computer.

  12. Everyday our lives are bombarded with information overload, not just with homescholing. I think that it is great that we have so much information. The key that I have found that helps our family is being picky. Choose what you or your family could use or want and forget the rest. I find that when I do that I feel so much relief because the ball is in my court whether or not I want the info or not.

  13. Too much information; too many resources can end up being discouraging to the homeschooler. I appreciated the reminder to have a ‘plan of action,’ to set time limits, to ‘glean wisely’ and to ask yourself if this article/resource is currently useful to your homeschool. I will try to take that a step further into all the areas of running my household. Thank you for making this resource available. In my book, it was not time wasted at all but an encouragement and help.

  14. Great, I mean – GREAT – eBook !!!!!!!!! Hit me right between the eyes. I am definately going to implement this today !!
    God bless Anon Mom, and you folks for being brave enough to share what we so need to hear !!
    Thanks again !

  15. This was an affirmation of something I have felt the Lord telling me for a while — pare down and focus on your children and what works for them, not what works for someone else. I am guilty of trolling the web for the perfect deal on the perfect resource, and that doesn’t usually translate into better instruction for my children. Thank you for posting this and recognizing its importance.

  16. Good insights and advice. I’ve been doing many of the tips on a regular basis. No sense in being overwhelmed with one of the greatest opportunities God has given ~ teaching little ones.

    Blessings. Thanks for being vulnerable enough to share good advice, and all the other freebies we choose to use or not use.

  17. Great e-book! Yep,found all this to be true and have to remind myself off and on as I start to get overloaded.
    Great comments also!!
    Warms my heart to know so many wonderful women are out there!

  18. Was glad to read someone with this refreshing perspective. Even after many years of homeschooling, I have a tendency to find all these resources and feel I need to read everything to make sure I keep up with current trends in homeschooling – like maybe my kids are going to miss out if I don’t learn everything that comes my way – Oh no!! And I’m glad to be strengthened (from this article) in my resolve to not join Facebook or other networking sites, even though several of my friends have been trying to get me to join, convinced that it’s so wonderful! So thank you, “Anonymous Mom”.

  19. This is just what I need after a summer of being told by all my friends all the great resources out there. My head has been spinning and my budget took a nose dive. I needed this. Tonight I am going to sit down and get a family vision. Then hopefully that will help me weed out and get focused. I am so glad for this, its like an answer to prayer!


  20. This is so true. I felt the overload heavy this year. I have slowly removed things from my schedule. This is a great reminder to what is important. Thank you for the message of “Yes, it is OK to say no!”

  21. OUCH!!!! Boy, did I need that! Very refreshing to hear, and very timely for me. I was very addicted to Facebook, but just quit cold turkey a couple of weeks ago. Now I am convinced I definitely did the right thing. Thank you for writing that πŸ™‚

  22. This is a fantastic reminder. A few weeks ago I started deleting links to message boards, clearing my desktops (both computer and physical),

    Working through the guilt of getting rid of stuff I never use, or will ever use. Working through the guilt of dropping message board relationships. But I only have so much time…and my children are too important.

    So off to simplify more, gain freedom and flush the guilt.

    Thanks Anon mom for giving me another boost of energy to do what I need to do.

  23. WOW! R-e-a-l-l-y needed this. At least 80% of my school difficulties now have a diagnosis AND a cure if, by the Holy Spirit’s power, I will discipline myself. My shoulders feel much lighter today. Thank you!

  24. This was very timely! I have my plan but it’s this time of year, when I’m ordering, that I find all the other resources that I’m not using and wonder if I should use them. My husband told me to stick to my plan. We both chuckled when we read this. Thank you for the wisdom!

  25. This is a fantastic article.  Lately I've been doing what Anon. Mom suggests because it felt 'right'.  So I'm very pleased to come across this article and I'll be recommending it to others.  I don't spend much time reading mailing lists or things like Facebook, as I found I was not using that time productively and my time is short as it is.  However, I also fell in to the trap of wanting to know everything and getting my hands on Really Cool Looking Resources I May Use One Day.  I spent many hours bookmarking sites, reading reviews and so on… and now when I go through my bookmarks I barely remember the sites.
    I recently decided that from now on, I would stick with the first thing that seems to work.  I am on a great home ed discussion forum and I trust the opinions and reviews of the other members.  Otherwise I spend way too much time looking up stuff, planning etc… and ultimately I don't do the things I really need to do. 

  26. Great ebook! I have set up a simple sorting system (that is NOT sitting on my desktop) that allows me to drop a download into its place where I can find it quickly when we are learning about _____ (fill it in!). The overload of emails really gets me though. Definitely going to be hitting the "unsubscribe" button today!

  27. THANK YOU!!!!!!
    This is my first yr. to HS. We made the decision in July. No pressure!
    A good friend keeps telling me to relax and take some time to "unschool" and go slow. (I was a lower elem. paraprofessional.) She was right! It just took reading this from an anonymous mom. to admit it!
    Thank you!!!

  28. I asked my husband and older daughter to read this and replace "homeschool" with "life" – what great, practical advice! 
    Thanks for sharing this.

  29. Please bring this back!  It is too important to not keep sharing  – it will help mothers everywhere reclaim their right to enjoy their children and not feel guilty for doing every little thing… think of the benefit to children!
    Seriously – please….

  30. I just read this…and it was so timely! Thank you for offering this resource. I have to laugh – I was tempted to just “save it and read it later”, but I was convicted to read it now, and I am glad I did. I needed that! πŸ™‚

  31. THIS is so true. I was crazy with the free resources. Spent HOURS doing it. I only go to your site and 2 others now. That even feels like too much sometimes. When I tell people to stop they say they NEED the resources. It truly is a major problem. And the feeling of “missing out” does last a few days, but it does go away.

  32. When I first home schooled my children in the early 80’s I was always desperate for resources, especially since we were low income in a rural area. I had to get very creative with thrift store textbooks and library resources.

    When I began to home school my grandsons a few years ago I was astonished at the wealth of helps online. Now I need a separate hard drive for the School directory on my computer. πŸ˜‰

  33. Thank you so much for this!! I’ve been convicted In fact, I was so convicted when I read this Monday that I took an evening this week to plan the rest of our school year so I wouldn’t have an excuse…and every time I’ve fallen into temptation, I’ve re-read this

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