Sept 8: Stitchery for Girls – A Five Year Course (classic curriculum)

Continuing our "rerun week", here's an extremely popular resource that tons of folks have used…

Stitchery For Girls – A Five Year Course (PDF) This classic curriculum was originally written in 1911 as a five year course in hand sewing and stitchery for girls in rural schools and for home instruction. Obviously, there's no electric sewing machines mentioned here at all… but all the basic instructions, exercises and learning projects in this book are still a great way to teach hand sewing step-by-step today. We know it is pretty much a lost art, but there is some great instruction here! Lots of good advice to the teacher on how to instill good habits into their students as they progress through these projects over the years. Check it out and learn to sew… exactly the same way great-grandma did back when she went to school!

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9 thoughts on “Sept 8: Stitchery for Girls – A Five Year Course (classic curriculum)

  1. I was in search of something like this just a few weeks ago. I was looking for something to help in teaching my daughter the lost art of hand sewing. She likes to do plastic canvas and thought this would be the next step. I am also looking for a home economics course for elementary age students. One that shows like proper etiquette, and proper preparation in cooking etc…..

    Thanks once again for this.

  2. What a treasure. I never was any good at hand sewing and am embarrassed when I have to show any of my work to anyone. I want my girls to learn this but knew I couldn’t do it. I’m so excited over this resource because not only can my girls learn, but I can sharpen my skill along side them! I ditto Nora’s comment – I’d also like to find a home economics course that teaches proper etiquette and such. Another lost art I want my girls to enjoy learning.

  3. Thank you so much for this! I’m actually planning to use it to learn how to sew myself. I’ve always been scared of a sewing machine & my mom didn’t have the patience to teach me. I know how to do all sorts of needlework though (embroidery, needlepoint, canvas work, cross-stitch, candlewicking) and learned embroidery when I was only 7 (roughly 35 years ago). This is just what I’ve been looking for — a book on how to sew, just not with a machine. That said, I might be able to borrow my grandmother’s old treadle machine from my aunt & give the machine sewing a go. Thanks again!

  4. Thank you for this! I am looking forward to using this with my daughter as well as a refresher for me.

  5. I had a problem downloading initially, Thankyou for your help! I have learned to sew with a machine, but my hand sewing skills leave a lot to be desired. I look forward to not only using it to teach, but to learn. Fantastic resource. Thank you again!!

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