Land of the Lost Lego Plans!


If yours is a Lego household, you have all these Legos blocks and pieces jumbled together in boxes and tubs and drawers, but have likely lost the original instruction guides on how to build the individual projects, right?

Not any more. We found them for you!

Here’s a great site that has dowloadable PDFs of practically EVERY Lego kit instruction guide you can think of, and loads more you’ve never even heard of. It’s every frustrated Lego builder’s dream site. Bookmark it and keep for future reference. Happy building!

Click here to go to the site!

2 thoughts on “Land of the Lost Lego Plans!

  1. This is EXACTLY what my son has been looking for! Those directions always get lost, torn, pages missing – thanks for this wonderful link!

  2. greater love hath no mom than this: that she dig through the legos for her son… (says the mom who spend 3 hours this week finding pieces so her son could put one tiny kit back together)

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