Light Up Your Brain – Audio Stories & Brain Teaser Games

Light Up Your Brain is a fun site for kids featuring 14 new and classic audio stories (MP3 format) well recorded by Chuck Brown, along with a huge array of somewhat educational (but mainly fun) online games. As stated on the site: “Brain teasers, word puzzles and action games like these teach language skills, math skills, problem solving, color and shape matching, and fine motor skills such as touch-and-feel adjustment, an enhanced sense of timing, and and hand-eye coordination development…but, whether or not you FEEL like you’re learning something…they’re SO MUCH FUN that you’ll even find adults sneaking in to play when you’re not watching.” Lots of good stuff here that can be used for homeschooling and for fun — all free, no registrations required!

Here’s the link to the audio stories page.

Here’s the link to the dozens of online brain teaser games.

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  1. Couldn’t get on the website. Must be overloaded. The message was : Resource Limit is Reached. Has anyone gotten on this site?

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