March 24: Herbs for Health and Happiness

Herbs for Health and Happiness (PDF ebook) – Have you always wished you knew more about the properties of herbs? Have you wanted a herb garden, but didn’t know where to start or what to grow? Would you like to understand the wisdom of herbs? In today’s resource, you will discover:

* Which herbs are said to help fight acne, eczema, depression and many other diseases and conditions
* Which herbs can help you to sleep, and which will keep you awake
* How to grow your own herbs, either indoors or in the garden
* How to harvest, dry and store your herbs
* How to use herbs in the kitchen
* Learn about the medicinal properties of 63 different herbs and how you can use them

I agree the title is kinda goofy, but there’s lots of great info on natural herbal lore included in this guide, which sells for $17 elsewhere – but is free today here at

NOTE: Nothing really objectionable in this guide, but parents may want to preview this, as it mentions herbs for a wide variety of uses and conditions.

Click here for today’s resource!

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