More Videos for You!

Hot Dog – What’s on a dollar bill?
This clip is from the great 1971 children’s series “Hot Dog”, which featured Woody Allen, Joanne Worley and Johnathan Winters.
Do you know your dollar bills? Watch and see!

The Story of Nikola Tesla in cartoons

The Story of the QWERTY Keyboard

The Story of the Flexible Straw

Here’s the great comedy team of Abbott and Costello performing their classic summertime “Who’s on first?”
baseball sketch in their 1945 film “The Naughty Nineties”. Okay kids, see if you can follow this! Classic Americana comedy!

Thor Ramsey on “Homeschool”
(Content note: Just so you know, he uses the word “butt” in this)

and finally… one more time…
Tim Hawkins’ “A Homeschool Family”

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