The Mary Frances KNITTING Book

THE MARY FRANCES KNITTING BOOK or Adventures Among the Knitting People by Jane Eayre Fryer (PDF ebook)

Monday we brought you the beloved “Mary Frances Sewing Book” (which is still available – scroll through the posts a bit if you missed it!), and this week we have its companion volume, which blends another sweet fairy tale-like story of Mary Frances with great step-by-step instructions on knitting and crochet!

Heavily illustrated, delightfully written. Another perennial favorite book for Mary Frances fans & readers (and learners) of all ages!

To download this PDF ebook, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save link” to your computer. Mac users, press the “control” key then click the link and save to your mac.

17 thoughts on “The Mary Frances KNITTING Book

  1. RIGHT CLICK  the link (using the right hand button on your mouse) and then "save as" the file to your computer. It is big, it may take a while, but the file is there. Enjoy!

  2. Misty is right, that's another way to do it. It is a big file – 19 megs i think – so it may take a little while to load.


  3. Can't get anything to download, either. Left it to "load" for an hour. Just got a blank window. Have a great computer and fast speed…. and haven't have trouble in the past… So, not sure. May try a different browser? Meanwhile, thanks for the link! Would love to be able to see & save it!

  4. Dana, big files like this one tend to "time out" on you, especially when you regular click them. At least with the RIGHT click method you can see what kind of progress your download is making. Your ISP probably lost contact with our Amazon server due to the length of the download or the amount of traffic on the line. Try it again later, we'll keep it up for at least a week for you!

  5. The download worked fine here. Thanks!!
    I love the Mary Frances series and am saving them for grandchildren, since my "little" girls are teens now. The idea that young children could be taught useful skills in a creative way that stimulates the imagination was sometimes overlooked "in the olden days," so to see it in the MF books really warms my heart.
    I was thrilled to see that Continental style knitting was mentioned at th end of the book…a technique that I find MUCH quicker and more efficient, and the one my mother was taught during WW2. The section on Red Cross clothing was also an interesting peek into our history.
    Thanks for bringing us these WONDERFUL resources! The Mary Francis books are really delightful!

  6. I can't get it to download either.  It appears in "notebook" rather than a pdf file and is just a bunch of jumbled print that doesn't make any sense.  I was really looking forward to this one.  My girls are interested in knitting now 🙁

  7. For me, I think it's a Chrome problem. I couldn't get it either w/ left or right clicking. But, when I opened up a Firefox browser, I got access to it. I just happened to use the alternative link posted, but think they would all work. I think  it was just Chrome. Literally nothing happened with any link w/ Chrome. FIrst time that's happened for me, though. Tried several times. Anyway, wanted to post in case it was a browser issue for someone else… Thanks for the resource!!!!

  8. Thanks so much for these resources.  My girls enjoy crocheting and knitting and sewing, and …  We enjoy the Mary Frances books you've given.  We only have this one and the one about sewing.  Are there others you have already offered or will be offering in the future?  Thanks again for all you do.

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