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Home Geography for Young Students (PDF ebook) back by popular demand is this great classic course in geography and how it relates to your child’s home, neighborhood and location. Originally published in 1907 for use in primary grades, this classic book uses a neat question & answer format with reviews for each lesson. Though you may find some of the illustrations dated, the teaching method and much of the information is still viable for today’s learners. Just pick and choose some of the later chapters as needed. This is a complete introductory geography course appropriate for grades 1-3, extremely well done. Check it out!

To download this PDF ebook, RIGHT CLICK HERE   and “save” to your PC. Mac users, press the “control” key then click the link and save to your mac.

13 thoughts on “Home Geography

  1. Another blank down load. It looks like I have light gray type on the side bar, each page is blank on the screen. I down loaded the Cat Letters two more times over the weekend each was blank and now today’s Geography one is blank. I love these old books and wish we could print them and see them on the screen. No sense printing what is blank pages. I am saddened by this.

  2. Thank you so much for all the wonderful freebies you offer. This book looks like it would be great. However, for some reason all the pages are either bright red with black text (horrible to look at) or black with red text (impossible to read). Is there some way to change this that you know of?

  3. For anyone having problems with today’s PDF:

    The pages in some of the PDF ebooks we offer on our site are actually scans of pages from the original books, and some folks do not have their Adobe Reader properly set to view these images. Here’s how to fix that: From the Acrobat Reader menu, click on “Preferences”, and then “Page Display”, and then check “Display Large Images”, and then “Okay”. That should enable you to view these pages.

  4. To: A. L. Warnke

    It sounds like you are having trouble connecting and getting a glitch in the pdf gitalong…

    Try restarting your computer, then reinstall adobe acrobat reader. Then try downloading again. Usually the problem reading pdfs happens from a glitch in the adobe reader connection. 😉


  5. Jim – I’m not using Adobe Reader, but Preview on a Mac – any ideas on the settings I need to view these pdfs. They sound great! Thanks, Bert

  6. Thanks for the help – I hadn’t realized at first that there were 2 different downloads, so I just ended up downloading the second on and it looks SO much better! 🙂

  7. I don’t know why a few folks are getting red/black pages, and except for the suggestions already posted above, don’t know how to fix that. It must be something on your end, but I don’t know what. Sorry!

    The second download version, as mentioned in our post, does not include scanned pages and is straight HTML & jpg images in a PDF file. Be sure to try it if the scanned version doesn’t work for you.

  8. Aahh…perfect timing. I’ve been sorting through a few geography books and this is the best yet. I’m settled on it. My copy is ready for comb-bound punching at Office Max.

    Thank you!!

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