Number Stories of Long Ago

Number Stories of Long Ago by David Eugene Smith (PDF ebook)

Back by popular demand! “The history of mathematics is in no small part the history of civilization,” the author points out in his introduction to this classic book that tells the story of man’s early attempts to count, write numerals, and do mathematical computations. But instead of being a “ho hum” dry, boring “history” of numbers, this is a GREAT “Living Book” of stories set in different historical eras (ancient China & Egypt, among others), showing how different mathematical concepts were developed and became a part of civilization. It is wonderful blend of history, economics, and mathematics that will really be enjoyed by upper elementary and high school students who are curious about the origins of the civilization we take for granted today.

An extra bonus in this book: Each chapter ends with several discussion and math questions based on the concepts presented in the story. Not only that, but the last two chapters of the book are a treasure trove of great mathematical word problems, puzzles and questions, which will intrigue students and parents alike. A great find! Don’t miss it!

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4 thoughts on “Number Stories of Long Ago

  1. My autistic 7 yr old son is finding this item fun and challenging! I think he will enjoy it for quite a while to come. It is something that I will pull out when he is frustrated with his usual math studies.

  2. I just downloaded on a mac-not sure what the problem was or if something was fixed, but it works great! Thank you!

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