You Are There – Columbus Discovers America

You Are There: Columbus Discovers America (mp3 audio, 30 minutes) – “In fourteen-hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue…” and this coming Monday, in honor of this great explorer, we celebrate Columbus Day here in North America.  In “Columbus Discovers America”, the events of that journey are recreated as radio reporters onboard the Santa Maria interview the Captain and crew, and give you a first-hand look at the voyage in this classic episode of “You Are There” first broadcast on October 17, 1948. Lots of great “living history” here.

To download this mp3 audio file, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save” to your computer. Mac users, press the “control” button and click the link, then save to your mac.

2 thoughts on “You Are There – Columbus Discovers America

  1. The link… Lots of great “living history” here… is not available as a link. Should it be? 🙂

    I hope everyone is doing better after the event with grandma. I know I was not the only person who missed your resources. I feel like a kid at Halloween. What candy with be given out at the next house. Thank you so much for making homeschooling so much easier.

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