One Minute History Videos!


Today we feature Have Fun With History’s great collection of dozens of bite-sized 1-2 minute history videos, ranging from the 1700s through the 20th Century! These are culled from vintage newsreels and classic educational films to give viewers a quick, interesting look at important historical figures, events and topics.

Click here to go to their one-minute-history videos page!

And if you want more,  here is a link to their main video subjects page, with loads of links to more in-depth videos if you want to follow a topic deeper!

3 thoughts on “One Minute History Videos!

  1. THANK YOU for today's resource!! WOW! I'm very impressed with all of the videos available and the wide range of subjects and people! I know my children will be excited about watching these videos to reinforce what we have been reading about! Thank you again!

  2. This is a really neat resource!  And perfect timing, too, for us.  Thanks for this resource.

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