Nature Study Made Easy


A lovely, vintage literature-based collection of plant and nature study lessons and activities prepared for 10-12 yr olds, but easily adaptable for younger or older students. Includes Lessons on: how plants grow, seeds, roots, herbs, trees, moss, flowering plants, ferns, mushrooms and more… with lovely poems and readings interspersed throughout. Very much a Charlotte Mason style text!

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The First Book of Plants

THE FIRST BOOK OF PLANTS by Alice Dickinson (PDF ebook)

Today’s resource is this wonderful illustrated chapter book primer on plants – how they work, how they grow, how they reproduce, different types of plants, experiments you can do, and much much more. Lots of great illustrations too. Highly recommended!

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The First Book of Stones


A wonderful introduction to collecting and studying rocks, minerals and fossils for children, with many hand-on activities, field collecting advice, and hundreds of illustrations.

Note: This book was published in the 1950s, and is not written from a creationist viewpoint. However, discussion of the age of the earth is minimal, with only one two page spread. There is a LOT of excellent practical teaching material in here, so please just be willing to glean a bit if you use this resource.

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Presidents of the United States ebook


Today’s resource is this great 50-page, full color ebook from, on the Presidents of the United States including photos of the Presidents, the Vice Presidents and First Ladies.  Each page contains detailed information on each presidents personal information, term of office, and personal quotes. Pages from this book can serve as attractive wall posters if you do not wish to bind it as a book.

Click here to go to the download page for this resource. Tip: The download link is right under the grid of sample pages. Download the Word/OpenOffice version if you can view that… the PDF version has formatting problems.

OR… Click here for a PDF of the ebook that has most of the format problems fixed.


Screen shot 2015-02-06 at 9.06.30 AMThis excellent little ebook is an excerpt from the book Teaching the Trivium: Christian Homeschooling in a Classical Style by Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn.

From the introduction:

When children reach the Understanding Level, homeschooling becomes more interesting! Early teens are developing into thinking, reasoning, questioning creatures. They are no longer content to know what happened; they want to know why.

Alas, at this level, many parents become distressed, because the curriculum is becoming more difficult, and the children are asking more complex questions. We are no longer allowed to teach mere capitalization rules and addition facts. We must now begin to exercise our minds with our children. Because these children are developing the ability to think abstractly, we parents are being challenged to move out of our post-secondary-school-days comfort zone. As a result, many parents retire from homeschooling, and send their children off to a classroom school.

But this is not at all the time to give up. We encourage parents to persevere to the end. Remember, homeschooling is for parents. The children are coming along for the ride. How many of us went through school without learning anything in general, or without remembering anything in particular? We were neither interested nor motivated. We were simply serving our twelve year sentence. We now have another opportunity to learn these things as we teach them to our children. We have the opportunity to learn such things as:

• The math we never understood.

• The science from a Christian instead of from a naturalistic perspective.

• The history they never taught us.

• The classical language they never offered us.

• The logic they never allowed us to use.

Homeschooling saves two generations: first the parents, then the children.

Children in the Understanding Level should be more independent in their studies, and, in certain subjects, they should need less academic one-on-one attention from their parents. At this level, the amount of time the parents spend teaching hinges upon what kind of curricula they use. In some subjects, self-teaching materials are available, which may reduce the amount of input needed by the parent.

The details of what can be done with your children at this age, along with examples of how to do it, are then explained in this ebook. Highly recommended!

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Making the Most of Your Child’s Gifts

Why is helping your children turn their gifts and talents into a career so important? In this easy-to-read book on parenting, Laurie Blank ( talks about establishing a visionary spirit in your child and how to  encourage them in creativity, productivity and entrepreneurship. The book will help you nurture and grow what is already in your child’s heart. 30 pp. PDF

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Note #1: You must go through their checkout system to get this ebook, but are not required to use your primary email address.

Note #2: There are two MORE freebie ebooks on this page that would also be of interest to homeschoolers… and they look good too.

Owney, the mail dog

Owney was a real-life scruffy mutt who became the unofficial Railway Post Office mascot in the 1890s, He has been adopted in modern times as  a loveable and inspirational mascot  and a friend to children and visitors to the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum. This historic pooch’s amazing true adventures are the subject of Owney: Tales from the Rails, a nifty animated eBook narrated through contemporary eyes and based on primary sources with a dash of imagination, and performed by country singer Trace Adkins.

The National Postal Museum has also put together a 60-page full-color curriculum guide features 4 different units that use the story of Owney the Dog, to meet reading, writing, math, social studies, science, and art standards.

Click here to go to the Owney storybook.

Click here to go to the curriculum guide.

Music Worksheets & Activities

Screen shot 2015-02-06 at 8.34.08 AMKristin at has put together a collection of 25 music theory worksheets that are especially designed for home learning. Here’s what she told us about them: “I am a piano teacher and I’ve created a large collection of free printable music worksheets and activity ideas. I have spent a great deal of time on these materials and would love for them to be found and used. All are free for parents and teachers.”

These are very well-thought out learning activity worksheets that cover topics such as: identifying and reading notes, rhythm,  major scales, circles of fifths, bass clef & treble clef, and much more. It’s a great resource for young students being introduced to music.

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Bonus! Kristin has also just put together some Valentine’s Day themed worksheets… access them here!

Artists Helping Children – Over 1000 Great Craft Projects

Screen shot 2015-01-29 at 12.52.45 PMThe amazing Artists Helping Children website offers several hundred great craft projects, arranged by theme (as seen from the partial list on the left, each of which lead to dozens of projects within that theme). Just look through the categories on their site, and you’re sure to spot some unique arts & crafts projects about a subject that your kids will love.

Note: Most of the links on this site work, but a few do not. We can’t help with those, as this site is hosted by AHC and not us. Also, some of these project pages are hosted on other sites, and include ads. Though we did not see anything objectionable when we cruised through several of these, you might want to check specific pages first before sharing the project with your kids.

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