Peter & Polly in Autumn

Here’s another lovely seasonal storybook, this one a wonderful book from 1919 following the adventures of Peter & Polly, their family and their pets on their farm from the first warm, golden days of the season to the first snowflakes of Fall. Beautiful golden tinted illustrations throughout in this delightful, old-fashioned school story book.

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Legends of Autumn from The Topaz Story Book


Fall is just around the corner, so here’s a great Charlotte Mason style story book for the season!

In Volume One of these classic stories from the Topaz Story Book, you’ll discover legends and nature stories about Autumn from a wide variety of cultures, including stories from Native Americans, Denmark, Germany and France. Great for family read aloud time!

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Progressive Composition Lessons, Volume One

progressivecomposition1Here’s a wonderful vintage guide to beginning composition, originally published in 1912. This is the first of three volumes, and this edition is meant for students in 3rd and 4th grade.

This is a streamlined, simplified lesson guide, using some great poetry and interesting readings from which students create their own compositions. Each weekly lesson consists of an oral reading, followed by the student writing their own brief version of the story, then working with teacher to correct and improve their communication. Classic, old-fashioned learning at its best! Give it a try!

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Classical House of Learning

This neat site, put together by Laura Lund, offers free literature guides following the reading suggestions outlined in classical education books such as The Well-Trained Mind.  It is a secular, multi-level, four-year history cycle, open-and-go, easy to use, 36-week program.

Here’s what Laura shares about developing this huge resource site:

 “I was inspired when I read The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise.  The classical model of education, with its heavy focus on literature and language, is is exactly the sort of education I want my children to have.

“In our homeschooling journey we’ve used an assortment of programs in my search for the “perfect” one.  While there were great things about each of the options we tried, there was always something I had to tweak.  I’m tired of tweaking and editing on the fly!  I’m tired of programs that require prep work!  I’m tired of the lack of a classical, secular literature program!  With five children, I need time savers!  My favorite programs are pretty much open-and-go.  The Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer and its accompanying activity guides are what I had in mind when I wrote Classical House of Learning Literature.

“I’m also a fan of simplicity.  While big projects can be fun, it’s overwhelming to have too many–particularly if such projects require extensive preparation, unusual supplies, and a big mess.  The activities included in my programs are purposely simple in design, with the expectation that you will pick and choose the options that appeal to you and your children.  Likewise, when I chose the reading selections including in my literature program, I focused on using well-known and respected pieces of classic literature.”

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ProntoLessons is a unique homeschooling site that offers fully-scripted lessons for students ages 6 to 8. The two curriculums currently available (for free, and requiring no registration) are:

PEOPLE OF AMERICA: They come from everywhere around the world. This curriculum consists of 37 scripted lessons to discover who they are, why they came, and several important accomplishments they’’ve made as Americans!

SCIENCE FOR KIDS: This new addition to the site is a 23-week introductory science homeschool curriculum that covers biology, human anatomy, and physics.

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History Timeline Resources!


Every homeschooler should have a timeline! A timeline lets you SEE the flow of history, lets you record and remember the people and events you’ve studied and also makes a nice “portfolio” of years worth of work. has created a whole bundle of free timeline printables to help you construct your own history timeline and they also have lots of ideas and teaching tips on how to use them best!

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The University of Texas at Austin has a public domain collection of hundreds of portraits of historical figures from world history – perfect for use with history timelines and reports — Click here!


Huge archive of history graphics suitable for timeline use… scroll down to the bottom of TheHomeschoolShop’s freebie resource page! Click here!

Animated US History Atlas

Screen shot 2014-09-01 at 9.46.00 AMTHE ANIMATED ATLAS OF US HISTORY

Animated Atlas portrays large chapters of American history quickly with a 10 minute animated map/movie showing the growth and development of the United States from 1789 right up to the 21st Century. There’s also an American History Timeline at the bottom of the page which shows 8 different tracks of major historical events and people from 1798 to 2010.

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A Rhyme a Week Phonics

If “an apple a day will keep the doctor away”, then perhaps a-rhyme-a-week will help keep early reading problems at bay. That’s the theory behind this “A-Rhyme-a-Week” phonological awareness program featuring 30 different nursery rhymes, and covering 500 words that early primary grade students are supposed to learn. With printable rhyme cards, picture sets, riddles and lesson plans, this is a 30 week series of short, fun phonics lessons for pre-K through 2nd grade. (They also have an additional 70 rhymes for homeschool use!)

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Handy Dandy Easy Peasy Household Fix-It Tips

Feel like you’re “all thumbs” when something needs fixing around your house? Maybe all you need is a little good advice from some folks in the know! Here’s a wonderful collection of often simple but majorly helpful household tips and ideas for you, courtesy of our daughter Jess Erskine and one of our favoritest fix-it families, The Fumbletons!

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The Tutor (100 page Sampler Edition)

The  Tutor -  Sampler Edition  (PDF ebook)

The Tutor is an NINE-volume “living” curriculum that  starts where the “Three R’s” leave off. If you want to give your children a well rounded Charlotte Mason Education… but not sure where to start, what to cover, or how to do it, then this is an essential resource for you.

Today’s resource is this terrific 100 page PDF Sampler Edition of meaty excerpts from the series, including nature studies & activities, stories from American history, art appreciation, elocution exercises, literature, copywork, a bit of Shakespeare & Plutarch, character building stories, and much more. Don’t miss it!

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We now have all nine volumes, plus many added bonus audios and Living Books, available on a newly compiled Limited Edition Computer CD. Everything you need in one place.

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