The Fight Against Fire

The Fight Against Fire – Firefighting is the act of extinguishing destructive fires. Firefighters battle fires to prevent destruction of life, property and the environment. Firefighting is a highly technical profession which requires years of training and education in order to become proficient — but it wasn’t always so. In this excellent episode of the classic series “Adventures in Research”, we hear how firefighting has changed and developed through the centuries. (15 minute audio)

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Periodic Table Video Lessons!

Here’s a video lesson about each element of the periodic table,  created by the Periodic Table science team! Just click any element and a short video lesson will pop up. These are terrific – very informative and often lots of fun too!

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- suggested by Doris Rodriguez (thanks, Doris!)

Give Thanks – Classic Short Stories for Thanksgiving

GiveThanks4ShortStoriesCoverSmallNeed some help getting in the “mood” for Thanksgiving? This ebook compiled by Amy Puetz shares four heart-warming stories that will awaken a spirit of thankfulness! These classic stories show what Thanksgiving was like for our ancestors, and how we should practice a heart full of thanksgiving all year long. The stories include, “Thanksgiving on the Farm” by Maud Lindsay, “Giving to Others” by Ernest Clark Hartwell, “Thanksgiving of the Heart” by Sarah Josepha Hale, and “The Master of the Harvest” by Mrs. Alfred Gatty.

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Every-Day Edits

Want a little different way to teach English grammar skills? Have your student correct someone else’s mistakes!

That’s the premise behind “Every-Day Edits”, a neat series of short downloadable lessons offered at that build language skills, test scores, and cultural literacy for students in grades 4 and above.

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“I love this site it has editing pages that only take 10 minutes. That way we can spend 10 minutes on editing then get to other stuff in English.  This is more for the high school students.” – suggested by Rhonda Varkey (thanks, Rhonda!)

Colonial America Lapbook

In this neat Colonial America Lapbook from Knowledge Box Central, you can journey to the new world with Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Francis Drake and Captain John Smith… Map the establishment of the original 13 colonies and meet Squanto and other Native Americans…  Discover their everyday lifestyles and why most colonists arriving in New World found themselves in difficult surroundings, and more!  This “hands on” lapbook is an in-depth study of the earliest western explorers and settlers of the United States of America. Includes a Study Guide and listing of additional resources. Reg. $5, but free here through this weekend.

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(Tip: Knowledge Box is also offering a great Thanksgiving lapbook as an extra bonus goodie… don’t miss it!)

The Story of Glass (Audio)

glassGLASS… Where does it come from? How did a volcano and a cooked fish help us originally “discover” it? And how did it become an integral part of civilization?

You’ll discover some of the fascinating early history of Glass in this wonderful audio story from one of our favorite old time radio series, “Adventures in Research”! Great living history for your ears — give it a listen! (15 minutes)

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The 3-D Brain

This 3-D interactive brain is a very cool, very helpful tool for high school Human Biology, Anatomy, and Physiology students. Younger students will find it fascinating too. You can rotate the brain in three-dimensional space, and explore what each part of the brain controls. Individual maps of 29 structures include information on brain damage, case studies, and links to modern research.

There’s also a downloadable App for this interactive brain for iPads, iPhones, iPods, Android and Windows phone devices.

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- suggested by Sjona Lindquist (thanks, Sjona!)

Classics for Kids

Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 11.21.09 AMCheck out this terrific library of current and past episodes of the Cincinnati Public Radio program, “Classics for Kids”, which introduces young listeners to the lives and works of classic composers such as Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Handel, Dvorak, etc. The programs are excellent… filled with lots of music plus interesting stories about each composer and their work. It’s a great way to introduce your kids to classic music.

“This site is designed to help you introduce your child to classical music. Music not only has the power to stimulate the mind, enrich the heart and soothe the soul; it can help children to think more creatively, develop craftsmanship and discipline and learn the value of excellence. The Parents section contains information that will help you guide your child’s interest in music and its study successfully.”

CLICK HERE to go to their page with dozens of recent programs you can listen to online.

And CLICK HERE to go to their page for parents, with links to Lesson Plans, games, and other resources.

- submitted by Doris Rodriguez (thanks, Doris!)

Pumpkins for you!

In keeping with the season, here are THREE unique “pumpkin” freebies for your enjoyment!

1) Free Pumpkin Carving Coloring Book

Angie at is offering a free pumpkin carving coloring book with Bible verses. It was created exclusively for Celebrating Holidays by Kristen at Drawn 2B Creative. The book creatively uses the pumpkin carving process as an analogy to what God does in the lives of Christians (chooses us, cleans us out, puts a smile on our face, fills us with his love and light, makes us to shine his light for others to see).

Click here to go to the download page

2) Next, Teddy the porcupine lays claim to a left-over holiday pumpkin. Mine, Mine, MINE!

3) And finally…


Here’s one more little treat from us to you… one of our favorite fall songs… and certainly the catchiest song about a pumpkin ever! This song does mention Halloween in passing, so if that bothers you, don’t download it! But if you just want a fun, old fashioned pumpkin song, check it out and your kids will soon be singing along!

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The Hiawatha Primer

The Hiawatha Primer (PDF ebook)

Today’s resource is this classic reading and nature studies primer that uses the 1855 epic poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow based on the legends of the Ojibway Indians as its subject. It’s a delightful reading primer for grades 2-3, covering a variety of topics, handwriting instruction, reading lessons, and some lovely illustrations. A great introduction to this classic work for younger students.

To download this PDF ebook RIGHT CLICK HERE then “save link” to your computer. Mac users, press the “control” key then click the link and save to your mac.