The Mary Frances Garden Book – Part One!

The Mary Frances Garden Book, or Adventures Among the Garden People (PDF ebooks)

One of our all-time favorite literary characters, Mary Frances, is back again in this delightfully illustrated story book adventure in the garden!

Mary Frances and Billy have been growing up, and with their growing, they have learned to love the great out-of-doors. In this great book, they meet all sorts of fanciful characters, and learn a lot of very real garden lore & “how to” information especially for young gardeners. Highly recommended!

This is such a large ebook file, we’ve broken it down into three parts to make it downloadable for all, and will be serializing this book today through Thursday. This is delightful, fun, educational stuff — don’t miss it!

To download this PDF ebook, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save” the file to your computer. Mac users, press the “control” key, then click on the link and save it to your mac. (Note: This is a scanned ebook, photographed from the original vintage book, so it may not be viewable on portable devices such as a kindle, ipad or phone.)

Sight Words printables

Screen shot 2014-05-03 at 10.06.22 is a great new site that provides parents and home educators dozens of high quality digital and printable tools to help them teach young children to read, including:

-Grade-specific flash cards of more than 500 Dolch and Fry sight words

-Detailed instructions on how to teach children new words

-10 fun learning games

-Full tutorial on correction techniques

-Generators to make fully customizable Bingo cards, Snakes and Ladders game boards, Old Maid card sets, and more.

All the resources on are free and designed to help your child learn how to read effectively from pre-k up to 4th grade.

Click here to go to the main site!

The First Book of Bees

“The First Book of Bees” by Albert B. Tibbets (PDF ebook)

Today we have another volume from the “Giant Nature Library” series for young readers, an excellent primer all about the lives, habits and types of bees. Great text and dozens of lush illustrations and diagrams by illustrator Helene Carter make this a wonderful natural science book for your homeschool library.

To download this PDF ebook, RIGHT CLICK HERE then “save” to your computer. Mac users, press the Control key then click the link and save to your mac.


Today’s scheduled freebie (submitted by one of our Freebie Finder readers) has been pulled.

The site changed from a free site to a pay subscription site literally within the last couple of days, so it is no longer a freebie and we will not be featuring it here. Sorry for the glitch!

- The Erskines

Household Science Projects

This is a neat site put together by a high school age student, offering 16 fun “hands on” science projects using ordinary household objects. Learn about electricity, optical illusions, make a potato battery, paper glider, sundial, and more through these simple demonstrations and explanations of what’s going on.

Suggested by Freebie Finder Stan Wright, who commented: “We had lots of fun working through these. It was our weekly science class for a full semester.”

Click here to go to the site!


Curriculum from the National Postal Museum

Screen shot 2014-04-28 at 12.10.33 PMLots of fun resources, unit studies and curriculum about the history of the United States Postal System, mail processing and delivery, stamps, and lots of other interesting topics are available from the National Postal Museum website.

Their CURRICULUM PAGE has graded unit studies and curriculum for elementary through high school age students on such topics as disabilities, art, stamps, pen pals, patriotism, the Vatican, and much more. Click here to check it out.

Their ACTIVITY ZONE has a couple dozen games, activity guides, coloring books and other printables. Click here to check it out.

Suggested by Freebie Finder Jeremiah H.

Build your own Spectroscope!

Spectroscopes are scientific instruments that break down the light emitted or absorbed by chemical elements into specific lines of color.  Every chemical element has a “fingerprint” of its own that can be used to identify it.  Here’s a terrific “hands on” science project for crafty kids — constructing and using your own spectroscope!

Hidden away on the website is this great “how to” PDF guide that shows you exactly how to build a working model of a Spectroscope out of ordinary household stuff, and then explains some of the science demonstrated by the spectroscope. Fascinating, fun science –  So build one already!

Click here to go to the site!

Sandbox Puzzle Corner

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 5.36.03 PMThe AIMS Education Foundation has a WONDERFUL blog on their site that offers up all sorts of logic puzzles, toy puzzles you can make, number puzzles, toothpick puzzles, and lots more. They’re all great brain-stretchers and are an excellent way to stimulate creative thinking. Use the menu in the left-hand column on the page to go to different puzzle categories, or just start scrolling through the posts until you find something that catches your fancy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

This freebie resource was suggested by Welsa Nothing, who commented: “This site has a lot of fun critical thinking puzzles. Some can be printed on a worksheet and others are hands-on or for use with manipulatives. Lots of categories!”

Click here to go to the website!

The ABCs of Art

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 4.51.40 is a delightful art instruction site by “Mo” M.C. Gillis  that offers a collection of downloadable lesson ebooks & guides that are lots of fun for young artists who want to learn some basic principles behind art. This PDF is the first in the series of ebooks you will find on the site.

This freebie resource was suggested by Pamela Willett, who commented: “The ABC’s of Art download from this site is a really nice introduction to the basics of line, shape, color theory and more.”

Click here to go to the site!

Unit Studies from the Children’s Museum

Legos… Dinosaurs… Trains… Biographies… Ancient History… and more!

Courtesy of the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, here is a great site with a couple dozen well-done unit study guides (in PDF format) based on current and past exhibits at the museum.  Units include vocabulary, stories, fact sheets, games, experience ideas, printables, and more. There’s a wide variety of resources here, broken down into age categories from K through 6th grade. Check it out!

Suggested by Erica Stokes, who commented: “Lots of great, complete unit studies!  The units are full of material details, pictures and activities to engage your kiddos in a variety of topics from Maps, Egypt, Anne Frank and Castles-Lego Castles! We really like the ‘All Aboard! Trains in History, Folklore and the Future’ unit. “

Click here to go to the site!