Learning Style Inventory Self-Test

Are your kids VISUAL, AUDITORY OR TACTILE learners?

To gain a better understanding of your child as a learner, you need to evaluate the way they prefer to learn or process information. By doing so, you will be able to develop strategies which will enhance their learning potential. This online self-test is a short, quick way of assessing a person’s learning style. Its main benefit is to get you to think about yourself, to consider learning alternatives; not to rigidly classify you. You probably already have a good idea which way your child learns best, but this is a great way to confirm it.

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- suggested by Doris Rodriguez (thanks, Doris!)

George Washington at Home… and more!

MountVernon.org, the official site of the home of George Washington, has a bunch of neat freebie resources that make any study of our first President and his times come to life for students. Here’s some of the highlights:


On this page, you can take a virtual tour of MountVernon. Washington’s entire adulthood is reflected in these rooms. By looking carefully at the furnishings and decorative features, you can find clues to Washington’s character, tastes, and accomplishments, as well as his aspirations for a fledgling United States.

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On this page, you can download lesson plans and activity sheets for Primary, Middle School and High School age students about Washington, his influence, and the early years of our nation:

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Here are downloadable full-length versions of the museum’s excellent video programs on Washington and his era, including “The Real Martha Washington”, “The Music of Washington’s World,” “George Washington and the American Revolution”, “Slavery at Mt. Vernon”, and several others:

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Oh, and did we mention you can request a FREE portrait of Washington like the one in the photo above? Cool!

- suggested by deangirls07@yahoo.com

The Wonder of the Day

Screen shot 2014-10-03 at 5.18.16 PMWonderopolis.com offers a great daily resource called  the “Wonder of the Day”. Each day, a new question is posed, then answered in a mini-lesson (often with a video, activity or experiment). They are great curiosity generators for kids. Recent questions posed include “Why do people still smoke cigarettes?” “Who invented the microwave oven?” “Why does reading make you sleepy?” and “How many breaths do you take each day?”.

You can see the current “wonder”, then scroll back through past questions as well as subscribe to the site for daily updates. This is fascinating stuff, sure to spark the interest of young students.

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- submitted by Cori Sanders (thank you Cori!)

First Aid Course for the whole family

Firstaidforfree.com offers a VERY good free online first aid course that anyone can take. This online first aid training could equip you (or your kids) with the skills and knowledge to help save someone’s life. Students can work their way through the course at their own pace to develop lifesaving knowledge. Once you’re done, you can download a free first aid certificate.

(For older kids, you might consider going through this online course to familiarize them with all the basics, and then actually have them go through the American Red Cross First Aid/CPR certification in your own community.)

Registration is required, but the course and certificate are totally free.

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Seasonal Paper Dolls

PAPER DOLLS for All Seasons

Artist Melissa Thomsen has created a delightful series of paper dolls, most with seasonal outfits (some in full color, others you color yourself). These are lovely and fun paper craft projects!

You can find several different dolls and outfits on her site HERE.

And just in case you can’t spot it, the original Clementine Curls paper doll, who wears the Autumn wardrobe seen in this illustration, is here.

– suggested by Wendy Stoller (thanks, Wendy!)

Beauty & Make Up Unit Study

(We understand this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this well-done study will be a great help for many families with girls growing up in today’s provocative fashion & beauty culture. Glean!)

Here is a great downloadable PDF unit study for tween and teenage girls from Jennifer Lambert at HipHomeschoolMoms.com. It’s a sensitive and balanced look at what real beauty is really all about… from a Christian viewpoint which encourages modest use of make up at appropriate times.

from the introduction: “Mamas, read this unit along with your daughters and discuss biblical beauty, inner and outer beauty. Decide together when and if makeup is appropriate and what makeup should be worn and how. I hope this incites an ongoing conversation about beauty and makeup from preteen to adulthood with mothers and daughters.”

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- suggested by Becca Carroll (thanks, Becca!)

Homeschooler’s Guide to Classic Kindle Freebies!

ContentedAtHome.com has a great Homeschooler’s Guide to Free Kindle Books. While many Kindle freebies are available for only a short time, this guide specifically features timeless classics that are always free for Kindle.

(Note: Even if you don’t have a kindle reader, Kindle format ebooks can be viewed on any computer or device using the free Kindle App, the link to which is also on this site.)

There are hundreds of books listed in this handy guide, with loads of classic living books, children’s book series and themed collections available. A real time-saving treasure chest of kindle freebies – that DON’T expire on you!

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- suggested by Janette Gutscher (thanks, Janette!)

Wildlife Waystation

The Wildlife Waystation Animal Sanctuary in Los Angeles, CA offer some neat animal lessons, printable games, and even do-it-yourself masks based on some of their current inhabitants. These change regularly, but currently they feature the Great Horned Owl, Baboons, Bunnies and a Ruffed Lemur. Fun stuff!

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- suggested by Maegan Taylor (thanks, Maegan!)

Family Haircuts & How to Give Them, 1950s style!

Family Haircuts & How to Give Them, 1950s style! (PDF ebook)

What a fun find! In the midst of a humongous 522 page 1950s era barber college textbook (which mainly focused on how to pass a state barber exam), we ran across THIS wonderful chapter detailing men’s haircut styles, with detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to give the perfect haircut! So, we excerpted the whole section and put it in this stand-alone ebook on hair cutting technique, 1950s style! If you like the men in your family to look clean-cut and snappy, check it out! A great guide for frugal moms who want to cut their family’s hair!

To download this PDF ebook, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save link” to your computer. Mac users, press the “control” key then click the link and save to your mac.

Poco A Poco + Teacher’s Manual

POCO A POCO: A Direct Method for Learning Spanish (PDF ebook)

Back by popular demand, today we bring back this neat beginner’s Spanish language primer in which you learn the language “poco a poco” (little by little) – by reading basic lessons written entirely in Spanish. Presented in both question & answer, and conversational format, each day’s lesson are presented orally by the teacher, and build on the previous day’s lesson and words learned. Great curriculum!

NEW this time around: The original POCO A POCO: TEACHER’S MANUAL!Includes lesson plans, year by year teaching syllabus, and a complete vocabulary & grammatical guide

To download the POCO A POCO students’ book, RIGHT CLICK HERE then “save link” to your computer.

To download the Teacher’s Guide, RIGHT CLICK HERE then “save link” to your computer.