Ways of Wood Folk

Screen shot 2015-10-02 at 11.27.41 AMWays of Wood Folk, by William J. Long (PDF ebook)

Here’s another wonderful Charlotte Mason-influenced living book, teaching about the life and habits of wildlife in the forests of New England through realistic observations and stories of its inhabitants. These are great nature study stories, and are perfect for reading aloud to listeners of all ages.

This is another of the classic children’s story books that accompany The Charlotte Mason & Classical Educator’s Tutor library.

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Hero Tales of History: Discoverers & Explorers

Hero Tales of History: Discoverers & Explorers! (PDF ebook)

Today’s resource is this classic selection of stories of early explorers, excellently retold for young readers and listeners by Smith Burnham. Included in this ebook are the following eight tales:

Columbus, The Map-maker Who Found A New World

Magellan, The Man Of The Straits

Cortes, The Conqueror

De Soto, A Gold Hunter In Southern Swamps

Sir Francis Drake, England’s First Great Sailor

Sir Walter Raleigh, The Favorite Of Good Queen Bess

Henry Hudson, The Man Who Put Himself On The Map

La Salle And The Mouth Of The Mississippi

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Admiral of the Ocean Sea

Admiral of the Ocean Sea (mp3 audio, 30 minutes + PDF listening guide)

In honor of Columbus Day this coming Monday, we’ve got one more excellent “Living Book for the Ears” program to share with you, this one hosted by the great Orson Welles! This is a story of vision and hope and what can be accomplished when a person pursues a dream. It refers to Christopher Columbus and his voyage that discovered America but it is really so much more. It is more about the spirit in which Christopher Columbus pursued life. He looked at life through a different looking glass, with a vision full of opportunity and promise. What can we learn from him and those who came before and after him? Find out in this wonderful audio program! Includes a good short Listening Guide too!

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You Are There: Columbus Discovers America!

Screen shot 2015-09-30 at 11.42.35 AMYou Are There: The Voyage of Christopher Columbus (mp3 audio)

Imagine what it might have been like had radio reporters been tracking the hazardous voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492. Here is a fascinating audio program about this historic and dangerous journey, with lots of interesting insights and details, as a reporter onboard the Santa Maria interviews the Captain and crew, and give you a first-hand look at the voyage. This classic episode of the radio program “You Are There” was originally broadcast on October 17, 1948.

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Homeschooling with Flylady

homeschool-teacher-control-journalFlyLady has created a great new resource for HOMESCHOOLERS. The new Homeschool Teacher Control Journal and the accompanying Student Control Journal are available as a FREE download for a short time. The FlyLady had created a behavior change system that works, and with just one babystep at a time you will find yourself clutter free and peaceful.

From the site:

The FlyLady is a homeschool Grandmother and she loves homeschoolers. She wants to help you get rid of the CHAOS in your homes. Don’t know what CHAOS means? It stands for Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome. She wants to help you establish routines and declutter to bring peace to your home and homeschool.

You can’t homeschool in the middle of CHAOS around you. She wants to give you techniques that will help you to be the best homeschool mom (or homeschool dad) you can be. By simply using her routines you will find freedom from the drudgery of cleaning your home. You will learn to bless your home by cleaning it.

FlyLady Tami is a homeschool mom with six children. She will give you tips on how to teach your children to bless your home with you, so they will be ready to bless their own homes when they grow up. Parents give their children roots and wings. Let’s work together to give your children a peaceful, clutter-free home.

These two ebooks are full of great insights and advice on organizing, planning, and working through your homeschooling day (and year). There’s a volume for mom AND one for the student too. Very good.

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The Canadian Elocutionist

Screen shot 2015-09-24 at 5.09.15 PMTHE CANADIAN ELOCUTIONIST by Anna K. Howard (PDF ebook)

This is one of the all-time classic guides to the principles, rules, illustrations and exercises to make good readers, and easy, graceful and correct speakers, written in 1885, but with much value and application in teaching speech & elocution even today.

From the introduction:

There is no question of the importance of the study of Elocution as part of a good education. Almost everyone is liable to be called upon, perhaps at a few minutes notice, to explain his views and give his opinions on subjects of various degrees of importance, and to do so with effect ease in speaking is most requisite. Ease implies knowledge, and address in speaking is highly ornamental as well as useful even in private life.


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American Traditional Music

Screen shot 2015-09-25 at 7.45.09 AMHere’s a unique site all about American Folk and Traditional Music from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

The site offers hundreds of songs, with lyrics, midi files, tune information and the history behind the folk songs and ballads. Not all of these tunes were written by Americans, but they are songs that were known in America. Most songs of the Colonial and Revolutionary Era were songs that originated in England, Scotland and Ireland and immigrated with their people. The songs on the site are arranged by time period and major events or themes, including the Revolutionary War, Civil War, Sea Shantys and Songs, Cowboy songs, etc.

This is a great site to refer to whenever you are studying American history. Just find a few songs from the era you are studying and you’ll learn a lot more about what was going on in regular people’s lives and what they listened to during that time.

Click here to go to the site!

Anne of Green Gables – New Dramatized Audio Version

Screen shot 2015-09-25 at 7.27.05 AMAnne of Green Gables (Dramatic Audio Version)

Red-haired Anne Shirley, the orphan girl mistakenly sent to live with Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, has been one of the world’s most beloved characters since the publication of Anne of Green Gables in 1908. In this dramatic reading of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s classic book, Librivox readers tell the story of Anne’s adventures as she grows up on Prince Edward Island with character voices and narration. This is a terrific audio version of the story, and the main reader who plays Anne really nails her part!

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The New World Speller

Screen shot 2015-09-24 at 4.44.36 PMThe New World Speller (PDF ebook)

Today we’re featuring this lovely speller manual originally published in 1921, with a complete set of lessons for grades 1 through 3. It is chock full of delightful illustrations and perfectly presents and builds its spelling lessons and vocabulary. Includes an introduction for the teacher on how to best present the lessons. Check this out!

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Dice Games that teach Math!

Dice Games = Math Fun

One math manipulative that most of us have in our homes is dice. This little cubed figure is our best friend when it comes to teaching multiple math concepts.

Dice games are versatile. They can be based on luck, skill, planning, or all of the above. You can find games to play with two players or twenty, on a table or on the floor, and ages 3 – 80 can enjoy them together. They are a great way to practice math skills and pass the time.

First, here’s a few helpful tips when playing with dice:

– Use a cup to control shaking before the roll (this can be noisier but that is okay!).
– To prevent dice from falling to the floor, instruct students to cup one hand as if it were a soccer goal and roll the dice with the other hand into the “goal”.
– Use old place mats or felt squares to dampen the noise of dice rolling.
– Students often get overly excited about rolling dice, creating flying dice and theatrics.
– Use this rule to help keep gaming orderly: If dice are rolled off the mat, the player loses his/her turn

Next, here are some great links to a multitude of cool dice math game ideas: