Poems to Play With

POEMS TO PLAY WITH (IN CLASS) is a 128 page study guide prepared for the New York City Department of Education as a guide to teaching poetry to elementary students in grades 3 thru 5. But a lot of it would work just as well for homeschool use. This is another of those cases where taking the time to “glean” from a resource originally purposed for other use can really pay off. So ignore all the “school standards” classroom stuff and instead glean all the great ideas in this helpful study guide that has lots of wonderful poems, lessons, resources and activities related to poetry for your kids.

From the introduction:

One of the great things about teaching poetry to students in the elementary grades is that  they already come to you with openness for the genre. They will also have had some exposure to the genre due to its frequent use in primary grade classrooms. As teachers,  we now want to extend and expand both their knowledge of and appreciation for poetry. We want them to experience the power of precise words and carefully chosen language. We want them to understand that good poems – powerful words and images – have the ability to inspire, motivate, awaken, amuse and help us see things in new ways.

…We also want to challenge our students to approach poems first with open eyes, ears, hearts and minds – to revel in the rhythm of language, to marvel at the pairing of two words, to laugh at an amusing metaphor or telling and to be able to say to themselves: Wow!

Check it out, and glean some great ideas from this guide. RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save link” to your PC. Mac users press the “control” key and click the link and save the PDF file on your mac.

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