Like any site with lots of traffic, we may have some occasional “bugs” in the system. We’re always tweaking this site to make it stable and reliable, but there’s bound to be some glitches here and there.

Here’s a few suggestions for your if you run into a problem:

“I am unable to download any of these files”

Sometimes you can set your computer’s security settings so high, it won’t let you download ANY files, let alone the ones we offer here. If you are RIGHT clicking the download link and the “save as” option is greyed-out and not clickable, this is your problem. You’ll need to lower your security settings in your browser and probably also disable your “content advisor” before your computer will allow you to download the file. You can always reinstate these settings after you’ve completed your download.

“I got a Bad/Corrupted Download.”

Occasionally, when there’s lots of internet traffic, you may get a partial or corrupted download of one of our freebies. To fix that, you’ll need to delete the file, and then re-download it a bit differently: RIGHT click it, and when you get to “save as”, RENAME the file slightly before downloading it. If you don’t rename the file, your computer will “think” it already has that file and so will try to default back to the original, corrupted version. Usually the revised name file will come through A-OK.

“I’ve downloaded today’s PDF file and all I see is grey pages.”

The pages in some of the PDF ebooks we offer on our site are actually scans of pages from the original books, and some folks do not have their Adobe Reader properly set to view these images. Here’s how to fix that: From the Acrobat Reader menu, click on “Preferences”, and then “Page Display”, and then check “Display Large Images”, and then “Okay”. That should enable you to view these pages.

Any other problems or comments, please let us know by sending us an email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.