The Hoosier Schoolmaster (Audio)


Today we go backĀ  in time and see what “school” might have been like for your kids if you were living on the American frontier 160 years ago!

THE HOOSIER SCHOOLMASTER by Edward Eggleston was a famous novel about an enlightened schoolmaster in the fictional Indiana community of Flat Crick, and recounts all sorts of fascinating details about life in the mid-western American countryside in the 1850s. Though the book inspired two movies and was a best-seller for decades, it is pretty much forgotten today and is not currently in print.

This classic 27 minute AUDIO DRAMATIZATION of this famous story highlights some of the shenanigans and adventures that might have taken place back in the days of the one room country schoolhouse. Just be glad this sort of thing doesn’t happen in YOUR homeschool… or does it? šŸ™‚

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  1. I’m from Indiana and have never heard of this before. Thanks so much for posting it. We’ll definitely give it a listen.

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