Real Things In Nature


Subtitled “A Reading Book of Science for American Boys and Girls” this 1903 book has 400+ pages of fully illustrated, well-written nature articles and activities divided into different “Books” covering many aspects of natural science: Physics, Meteorology, Geology, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Anatomy and more. Chock full of illustrations and things-to-do. Much of this material would be great for Charlotte Mason-style instruction.

Note: This is a scanned vintage book, so it is best viewed on a computer and not a portable device. It also includes some dated materials and is written from a secular viewpoint, so even though we do not necessarily agree with everything it contains, there is way too much good stuff here to dismiss this. Most of this is quite useful and fascinating for today’s students and readers. Glean… it is well worth it!

To download this PDF ebook, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save link” to your computer. Mac users, press the “control” key then click the link and save to your mac.

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