Sharing the Christmas Story with Food

Sharing the Christmas Story with Food (PDF ebook)

The Christmas season provides a unique opportunity for us to share our faith with others, and nobody will say no to a story told with good food. In this unique guide, Angie Mosteller of shares a fun and tasty way to communicate the biblical story of Christ’s birth by cooking and sharing some seasonal treats with a loving message. Angie says “My kids love to help with the baking, and especially like to deliver the final product to our neighbors.”

This project can also be used in a group setting (in which multiple people each contribute one of the recipes).

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6 thoughts on “Sharing the Christmas Story with Food

  1. Love this! I don’t think we will do it this year but hopefully when the kids get older! Thanks for posting!

  2. this is a wonderful idea…it makes a perfect gift; especially for an unsaved family member or friend. What a wonderful way to share the true meaning of christmas. I plan to substitute 3 things with store bought
    candy canes for cookies
    coconut snowball cakes for snowball cookies
    nuts for pralines

  3. Thank you so much for offering this. The website is great with many other wonderful ideas. My children and I will enjoy delivering and sharing the message about our savior Jesus Christ. About four of the items we make already for Christmas, but I love her idea. Blessing to you all always.

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