Taking It On The Road

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Taking it on the Road: Fun for Homeschoolers Away from Home by Lynda Coats (PDF ebook)

Headed out on the road this holiday season? Today’s freebie will help make the trip itself a memorable, fun learning experience.

Here’s what author Lynda Coats says about this great new ebook:

“We all realize that homeschooling doesn’t always happen at home, so I’ve created Taking it on the Road: Fun for Homeschoolers Away from Home to help you make the most of those moments on the road.

This delightful little book offers exciting ideas to incorporate teaching into errand-running, vacations, and other travel time. It is essentially a unit study based on travel and going places. There are enjoyable learning activities in all subject areas for all ages, with many designed for the whole family together.  Each activity is based on my twenty years of homeschooling experience.

Because I know that space in your car is limited, I’ve formatted tightly, so that you can easily print it out, and place it into the easy-to-carry format you like best and it will fit neatly into a standard size tote bag or seat pocket. You’ll have hours of fun, educational activities at your fingertips!

Try it out and enjoy learning together on your next trip!”

To download this PDF ebook, RIGHT CLICK HERE then “save” to your computer. Mac users, press the “control” key and click the link and save to your mac.

Tip: Lynda is also the author of Far Above Rubies, Blessed Is The Man, plus many other great curriculum and e-book products. For our readers, she currently has EVERYTHING on her website available at 50% off. Be sure to check out her website at www.lyndacoats.com!


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