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The Basic Cozy Spelling Course

on January 30, 2013


Here’s a complete 30 lesson spelling course especially designed for students grades 6 to 8, with a complete course outline, lesson plans, dictation, answer key, and more. Good stuff!

Says the author, Marie Rackham:

“Spelling, like grammar and punctuation, is a technique of English.  Spelling is an important communication skill. In my opinion, since the advent of the Internet, it is even more important because words on a web page may determine what people think of you and your abilities. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors will make you appear less credible to your audience. Good luck and have fun with the course!”

Click here to go to the site!

5 Responses to “The Basic Cozy Spelling Course”

  1. Spring Creek Academy says:

    We love Mrs. Rackham’s ‘Cozy’ course. Learning the rules of grammar isn’t painful due to her teaching style and personality. The background scenery is lovely to watch and merits a separate dvd.

  2. lori says:

    will the spelling course only be available for a period of time or is it always available?

  3. Cheryl Baranski says:

    Definately need to try this for my son.

  4. Theresa says:

    Thanks! I really needed this.

  5. LINA says:

    Hi, I’m new to this site and I think it’s a Godsend! But I’m wondering if there’s a PDF download file to download the whole course instead of the individual pages where I have to copy and paste? thanks in advance.

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