The British History Podcast

The British History Podcast

The British History Podcast is a wonderful chronological telling of the story of Britain by amateur historian Jamie Jeffers. Told in a casual, lively and thoroughly engaging style, this memorable podcast series (90 episodes are currently available) is a superb way for older students to learn early British history.

“I started in the Ice Age, and I’ve been steadily moving forward ever since. The focus of this podcast is upon the human drama that is played out in history. Rather than providing a dry recount of dates and names, I am doing my best to provide a three dimensional image of what these people, places, and events were like. The people I’m speaking about were real flesh and blood individuals with dreams, fears, and flaws. And where the information is available, I intend to highlight those aspects for you.”

Parental Note: This is a fascinating, entertaining history podcast that would be great for listeners high school age and up. Be advised that there are occasionally unsavory historical events mentioned (though gory details are not dwelled on), and every once in a while Jamie will use a mild curse word when he gets worked up over something. But this is so well done, and so interesting, we have no problem recommending this history podcast. I only wish all history was made this interesting. You may wish to pre-screen episodes if the content is a concern for you.

(Thanks to kayray for bringing this podcast to our attention.)

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One thought on “The British History Podcast

  1. Hi everyone! I’m Jamie, the guy behind the British History Podcast. Thank you so much for sharing the show on here!

    I wanted to point out that I am also offering Homeschooling resources on my site (made by listeners) and would be happy to host any related resources you’ve created as well. My thought is that Homeschoolers are busy enough as it is without also having to re-invent the wheel.

    Here is a link to the page for the Homeschool resources. I’m hoping it will grow over time.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing the show and I hope you enjoy it! (Also, I always bleep out the curse words).


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