The Burgess ANIMAL Book for Children – Companion

The Burgess ANIMAL Book for Children – Companion!

Last week we featured a great companion site based on the Burgess Book of BIRDS, and it was so well-received that we are pleased today to point you to this brand-new site dedicated to his book on ANIMALS!

The Burgess Animal Book for Children is a story about Peter Rabbit.  He wants to learn more about his relatives, and the other animals in the forest, so he goes to Old Mother Nature who teaches him all about the different animals in the forest.  The book teaches about the different families and orders of many mammals in a very entertaining way- through a great story.

On this site you’ll find links to the ebook and audiobook versions of Burgess’ book, plus many supplementary resources, including study guides, coloring and activity pages, and other resources on specific animals discussed in the book.

Click here to go to the page!

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