The Burgess Bird Book Companion

The Burgess Bird Book Companion

“The Burgess Bird Book” is a classic children’s book by Thornton W. Burgess that introduces children to birds of all kinds. Each chapter is a delightful story about Peter Rabbit and the birds that live around him. Each chapter covers two birds on average. Children will learn their physical appearance, characteristics, eating and nesting habits, behavior, songs, and calls.

Today’s resource from the SatoriSmiles homeschool resource blog not only offers links to the complete ebook and audiobook versions of this classic book, but also an amazing list of online resources that complement and expand this fantastic book, including top bird identification sites and to free coloring pages, birdsong audios, crafts and much much more. Wonderful!

Click here to go to the download and links page!

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  1. I’m so excited to use the audio of this book with my kids and use a few of the ideas people have left on that website. Also, the plush birds are so cute and have the bird call in them.

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