The Circulation Game


Here’s a fun and educational new printable PDF game from Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop that teaches kids about the circulation system in the human body. When playing the game, kids learn about the distribution of oxygen to cells and carbon dioxide to lungs via red blood cells, production of red blood cells in bone, delivery of sugar and protein to cells via the blood stream, delivery of wastes to the kidneys for disposal out of the body, the heart as the driving force that keeps the blood moving, the “map” of the circulatory system in and out of lungs, heart and body parts.¬†Great for group learning!

No longer available from their site… sorry!


2 thoughts on “The Circulation Game

  1. Thank you for the link! The site has many other excellent offerings, and I look forward to using them as my children grow. They already are looking forward to the circulation game when they get a few years older!

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