The Day Abraham Lincoln Was Born

The Day Abraham Lincoln Was Born 
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Not far from Hodgenville, in the pioneer wilds of Kentucky, stood a little log cabin next to an ever-flowing spring of water. Here in this rude cabin lived Thomas Lincoln, his kind and gentle wife Nancy, and their little girl named Sarah. In this desolate spot, 
a strange and unlikely place for the birth of one destined to play so memorable a part in the history of the world, Abraham Lincoln was 
born. Here is the true story of that day — February 12, 1809 — the day Lincoln was born… and almost did not survive!

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  1. Sometimes our internet does not allow us to download (we have Hughes net 🙁 ) and so we have to go to a “hot spot” to download. I have missed several of your offers because they expire quickly! While I can see the reasons why you do this it is very disappointing,especially to my 13 year old who has a “crush” on Abe Lincoln!( She made us celebrate his birthday last night complete with decorations and a birthday cake!!!!

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