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    My children love watching the Fumbletons! I’m going to have to try the Windex to get out pencil stains. My daughter often gets them on her clothes.

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    We enjoy the Fumbletons so very much! Look forward to each Thursday!



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    I can’t view any of the videos. I have K9 internet security installed on the computers. I didn’t have any problem getting to the website but there is a big white spot where the videos should be. There is no link that I can “allow” to be able to view it. Will they possible be uploaded to godtube? (I can go to that website). What format are the videos in?

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    Thank you so much for these videos! My boys and I love them and we look forward to each new episode!

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    I am so glad you are producing these short videos. The boys LOVE the teddy bear and my 7 year old son imitates him. We all laughed at the horse and the father dropping his razor., not to mention the hair dryer scene. Keep up the fun and teaching!! We want more!! Jessie is so creative!!

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    We watched these today for the first time. Thanks, they were lots of fun!

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